Kyle Trask: Contextualized Quarterbacking 2021

For anyone new to the family here at The Draft Network, Contextualized Quarterbacking is an annual project I put together for TDN Premium subscribers. In Contextualized Quarterbacking, I chart the significant draft-eligible quarterbacks across their final seasons, tagging each dropback with a ton of situational features that allow us to understand their game at more specific and situational levels.

Each throw is graded both for Accuracy and for Ball Placement. Accuracy is a general metric for catchable passes—an accurate pass is a catchable pass—while Placement scores take more details into account: maximizing YAC opportunities, protecting the wide receiver from unnecessary hits, and protecting the ball from being played on by the defensive back. Throws are also charted relative to depth and passing direction, to understand how target distribution affects accuracy scores for each quarterback. It’s harder to throw deep!

Contextualized Quarterbacking helps us understand what each college offense asked of their quarterback, which gives us an additional tool for projecting these passers to the pros. When we understand their college offense, we can better identify those skills that will translate to the pro level, and accordingly, project the ideal scheme fits for each player.

Kyle Trask was an enjoyable college quarterback without much of a pro projection. It boils down to traits, which are not as easily captured in Contextualized Quarterbacking as they are with plain old scouting, but we can still talk about them here. The precipitous dropoff in Trask’s placement scores, relative to his accuracy scores, details just how much his poor arm strength forces adjustments when he attacks downfield. A touch thrower, Trask also feared tight windows and regularly left interceptable passes available when he attacked them. Like a lot of productive college quarterbacks entering the pros, he projects as a guy you could get by with for a few games and a clever coordinator—but not someone with an exciting developmental arc long-term.

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