How Early For Hock? | Pretty Penny v. Bargain Buy

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Iowa TE T.J. Hockenson (Pick 12) v. Alabama TE Irv Smith Jr. (Pick 44)

Well hello, Packers fan!

I'll try to take this one agnostic of the team, but that's a tricky ask. The Packers have bigger needs than TE (a dominant offensive lineman and a rangy safety would both do the trick) but with 3 picks in the top 45, they can attack an elite tight end like Hock if they want to.

And Hockenson would fit nicely with Green Bay, offering the most well-rounded skillset of all tight ends in this class. Hockenson's more of an underneath/intermediate threat than he is a deep seam-buster, so he would need to be paired with receivers who can attack downfield.

The same goes for Smith though -- he's a well-rounded player and decent athlete who can give you everything you need at the tight end position, though with a relatively modest ceiling. As it stands, I'm not sure Irv is worth the 44th pick in this class of great tight ends, but I'm not sure any TE is worth 12 overall.

I'll go for the elite player in Hock at 12. I think he's a can't-miss player.

Pretty Penny: Iowa TE T.J. Hockenson (Pick 12)

Arizona State WR N'Keal Harry (Round 1) v. Baylor WR Jalen Hurd (Round 4)

I don't like either pick at either spot. Thank you, goodnight.

In all seriousness, there are some similarities between the two players. I don't think either prospect runs routes that well. Both are wonderfully fluid athletes for their size. Both have great YAC ability.

Harry is obviously the more pro-ready prospect, in that he's been playing the position for much longer. Harry's also stronger through the contact window and has a much better downfield profile, as he's so dynamic in contested situations. A quarterback needs to trust Harry downfield a bit, as he won't separate or maintain the red line as well as you'd like to see.

Hurd and Harry are both high-ceiling players, but Hurd has a huge developmental track ahead of him. While Harry is a downfield menace who can win underneath, Hurd needs those scheduled touches to produce early, and may never develop into more than a gadget player.

I don't like Harry that early, and I don't like Hurd until later, but Round 4 is a lighter risk than Round 1, so here we go.

Bargain Bay: Baylor WR Jalen Hurd (Round 4)

Delaware S Nasir Adderley (Round 1) v. Maryland S Darnell Savage (Round 3)

Darnell Savage has really killed this season and pre-Draft process. I remember sitting in the Round 1 game -- Maryland v. Texas -- with Kyle, trying to convince him that Antoine Brooks was the safety to pay attention to in Maryland. Shoulda trusted the vet.

Savage had a strong senior season that landed him in the Senior Bowl; as strong a Senior Bowl as a safety can have; a killer Combine and on-brand Pro Day. He played himself from national unawareness to a Day 2 selection, and it was exciting to watch. He may end up being a nickel/safety hybrid at the next level, but so may Adderley, so good match-up regardless.

Adderley was on radars coming into the season as a potential FCS standout, though I don't think Round 1 was a consideration until his dominant senior tape. I thought Adderley struggled at the Senior Bowl a bit more than Savage did, though again -- it's really hard to get a feel on safeties at the Senior Bowl practices. In the game he was strong, as Jon Gruden let him know with some emphatic stickers.

Both players are Round 2 grades for me, though Adderley is higher -- accordingly, I'm going with Savage. But I will say that I wouldn't fault any team in need of a free safety with preferring Adderley at the Round 1 price tag -- matter of preference.

Bargain Bay: Maryland S Darnell Savage (Round 3)

Best of the Rest

Clemson iDL Dexter Lawrence (Round 2) v. Miami iDL Gerald Willis (Round 4)

I'll take Willis because of the pass-rushing ability, though Lawrence is the better player. It depends on the Round 2 slot though.

Oklahoma iOL Cody Ford (Round 1) v. Notre Dame iOL Alex Bars (Round 4)

As much as I like Bars as a prospect, Ford is a dominant prospect and Bars is rehabbing.

Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray (1st overall) v. Arizona QB Josh Rosen (Round 2)

Rosen, without hesitation.