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Some quick background on how these rankings were determined. I put about 40 hours worth of research into these rankings. I started by coming up with my own custom stat projections for the season. That process began by taking projections from seven different outlets and weighing each one based on past accuracy. That gave me one set of projections as a baseline to work with. From there I adjusted the order based on upside, injury risk, situation, and any other relevant factors. Finally, I placed each TE into one of six tiers.

All of my rankings reflect the order in which I would take players if my draft was today in a standard 12-team half-point PPR league. The rankings would not significantly change in full-point PPR formats.

Please note that the tiers are only meant to be a helpful guide. Do not fall into the trap of undervaluing the top player in a tier and overvaluing the bottom player. Players near the top of tiers are better than those at the bottom.

These rankings will be updated weekly throughout the offseason so be sure to check back in with The Draft Network often to gain an edge on your leaguemates.

If you have any specific questions or want to know more about what I think of certain players, hit me up on Twitter (@JaimeEisner) or Instagram (@JEisnerFFB). I’d be happy to chat with you!

You can find rankings from Paige Dimakos and Jake Arians below Jaime Eisner's rankings.

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***Jaime Eisner's Rankings -- Updated August 20***


1. Travis Kelce

-- I've moved Kelce into his own tier because of some questions I have about the two guys below him. Kelce is a stud who I would draft a solid 1-1.5 rounds higher than George Kittle or Zach Ertz. I still wouldn't take him before the latter portion of Round 2 (he probably won't make it there), but he's a definite auction target.


2. George Kittle

3. Zach Ertz

-- Kittle is dealing with an injury and I'm starting to have concerns about Ertz's volume in 2019 with other quality options emerging in Philadelphia. Maybe I should've been listening to him warn us about that sooner. Still, you won't be sorry with either of these TEs late in round 3 or early round 4. Who am I kidding? They won't be available there. Unless you're willing to take a chance and reach, maybe play it safe and target the Tier 3 guys.


4. Hunter Henry

5. Evan Engram

6. O.J. Howard

-- No changes in this tier. Henry has Top 3 upside and chemistry with Rivers. Keenan Allen's ankle injury only helps his value. Engram will have a massive target share in New York, efficiency be damned. Howard would need to see a TD rate spike to finish among the elites, but he's in a great situation for that outcome to be within a reasonable realm of possibility.


7. Vance McDonald

8. Jared Cook

9. Austin Hooper

-- I added Hooper into this tier but didn't change his rank. I found myself drawn to him way more in drafts than the players in Tier 5.


10. Jack Doyle

11. Eric Ebron

12. Kyle Rudolph

13. David Njoku

14. Delanie Walker

15. Jordan Reed

16. Mark Andrews

17. Jimmy Graham

18. Trey Burton

19. Greg Olsen

-- No changes here. Just a reminder to let someone else draft Ebron. Kthxbai.


20. Dallas Goedert

21. Tyler Eifert

22. Noah Fant

23. T.J. Hockenson

24. Geoff Swaim

25. Will Dissly

-- No changes here. Please, please, please don't overpay for the rookie TEs. Keep an eye on Fant's injury from Monday night.


***Paige Dimakos' Rankings -- Updated August 9***

1. Travis Kelce

2. George Kittle

3. Zach Ertz

4. O.J. Howard

5. Hunter Henry

6. Evan Engram

7. Jared Cook

8. Eric Ebron

9. David Njoku

10. Vance McDonald

11. Austin Hooper

12. Trey Burton

13. Delanie Walker

14. Mark Andrews

15. Jordan Reed

16. Jimmy Graham

17. Jack Doyle

18. Greg Olsen

19. Kyle Rudolph

20. T.J. Hockenson

21. Dallas Goedert

22. Noah Fant

23. Tyler Eifert

24. Gerald Everett

25. Jason Witten


***Jake Arians' Rankings -- Updated August 9***

1. Travis Kelce

2. Zach Ertz

3. George Kittle

4. O.J. Howard

5. Evan Engram

6. Hunter Henry

7. Vance McDonald

8. Jared Cook

9. Eric Ebron

10. David Njoku

11. Jack Doyle

12. Austin Hooper

13. Kyle Rudolph

14. Trey Burton

15. Jordan Reed

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