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Some quick background on how these rankings were determined. I put about 40 hours worth of research into these rankings. I started by coming up with my own custom stat projections for the season. That process began by taking projections from seven different outlets and weighing each one based on past accuracy. That gave me one set of projections as a baseline to work with. From there I adjusted the order based on upside, injury risk, situation, and any other relevant factors. Finally, I placed each QB into one of seven tiers.

All of my rankings reflect the order in which I would take players if my draft was today in a standard 12-team half-point PPR league.

These rankings will be updated weekly throughout the offseason so be sure to check back in with The Draft Network often to gain an edge on your leaguemates.

If you have any specific questions or want to know more about what I think of certain players, hit me up on Twitter (@JaimeEisner) or Instagram (@JEisnerFFB). I’d be happy to chat with you!

You can find rankings from Paige Dimakos and Jake Arians below Jaime Eisner's rankings.

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***Jaime Eisner's Rankings -- Updated August 27***


1. Patrick Mahomes 

2. Aaron Rodgers 

-- It's gotten lonelier at the top as the preseason has gone on. Andrew Luck shockingly retired and Deshaun Watson's weapons are all suffering from some sort of ailment. That leaves only Mahomes and Rodgers at the top. If we get a 16-game season from Rodgers, I believe he'll finish as the No. 1 QB. As for Mahomes, he's due to regress some but is still awesome enough to contend for the top spot for a second year in a row.


3. Deshaun Watson 

4. Matt Ryan 

-- I would wager a decent sum of money that 2019's QB1 comes from one of these four QBs named so far. Watson has flashed upside of being the best fantasy QB in the game, but his health and the health of his playmakers will be the biggest factor in determining his 2019 upside. Ryan is a really good value. He plays 14 of his 16 fantasy football weeks in a dome with the only exceptions being Week 11 at Carolina and Week 15 at San Francisco.


5. Jameis Winston 

6. Baker Mayfield 

7. Russell Wilson

8. Drew Brees

9. Jared Goff 

10. Carson Wentz 

11. Ben Roethlisberger 

12. Cam Newton 📉

-- Two changes of note from last week: 1) You may have heard that Luck retired. So...uh... yeah, don't draft him. 2) Newton's latest injury drops him down to the bottom of this tier. Head coach Ron Rivera seems very confident his starting QB will play Week 1, but there is just too much risk associated with him this season.


13. Mitchell Trubisky 

14. Kirk Cousins 

15. Philip Rivers 

16. Dak Prescott 

17. Kyler Murray

18. Lamar Jackson 

-- No changes here. If you like drafting backup quarterbacks in 1QB leagues, this is the best spot to grab one.


19. Josh Allen

20. Tom Brady

21. Jimmy Garoppolo 

-- No changes here. These three are still a cut above the remaining QBs.


22. Derek Carr 

23. Matthew Stafford 

24. Jacoby Brissett 📈

25. Andy Dalton

26. Ryan Fitzpatrick

27. Sam Darnold 

28. Nick Foles 

29. Joe Flacco 

-- This is where Brissett falls for those interested. In 2QB or Superflex leagues he's worthy of playing. Don't bother in 1QB formats. He'll be fine, but nothing special. I also moved Flacco into the bottom of this tier because his job is secure.


30. Eli Manning 

31. Marcus Mariota 

32. Case Keenum

-- Over/Under 0.5 of these QBs still starting for their teams by Thanksgiving?


***Paige Dimakos' Rankings -- Updated August 2***

1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Andrew Luck [RETIRED]

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Deshaun Watson

5. Matt Ryan

6. Carson Wentz

7. Drew Brees

8. Russell Wilson

9. Baker Mayfield

10. Jared Goff

11. Cam Newton

12. Ben Roethlisberger

13. Jameis Winston

14. Philip Rivers

15. Mitch Trubisky

16. Dak Prescott

17. Josh Allen

18. Kyler Murray

19. Kirk Cousins

20. Tom Brady

21. Lamar Jackson

22. Jimmy Garoppolo

23. Andy Dalton

24. Matthew Stafford

25. Derek Carr

26. Nick Foles

27. Sam Darnold

28. Ryan Fitzpatrick

29. Marcus Mariota

30. Joe Flacco

31. Eli Manning

32. Case Keenum


***Jake Arians' Rankings -- Updated August 2***

1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Andrew Luck [RETIRED]

4. Carson Wentz

5. Russell Wilson

6. Deshaun Watson

7. Jameis Winston

8. Matt Ryan

9. Ben Roethlisberger

10. Jared Goff

11. Baker Mayfield

12. Philip Rivers

13. Kirk Cousins

14. Tom Brady

15. Cam Newton

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