Draft Dudes: CB Summer Flings

Welcome back for another episode with the Dudes. Kyle and Joe return to talk some shop and break down the latest happenings in the worlds of football. Plus, the Dudes' Summer Fling series moves on to CB prospects and the weekly segment #BabyBigBoards is back as each rank their 5 NFL teams most likely to return to the playoffs in 2018 after missing them last year.

In Today’s Episode:

– Joe cannot name 3 Michael Jackson songs

– Daryl Williams to the IR?

– Reason for excitement in the Bay Area

– The Aaron Rodgers effect

– Diminutive but scrappy college CB prospects

- Why do the football gods hate the Chargers?

Written By:

Kyle Crabbs

Chief Brand Officer

CBO & Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-host of the Draft Dudes podcast. Former NDT Scouting Overlord.

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