Dez Bryant Is Back, And There Are Teams That Need Him

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The trade deadline may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean NFL teams no longer have the ability or the options to improve their rosters down the strength and even into the post season.

Scoring points is important. That's why when you saw guys like Emmanuel Sanders, Mohamed Sanu and even later Josh Gordon become available, suitors for their services were not hard to find. That's also why a player like A.J. Green's name was floated around during deadline discussions, though in the end, Cincinnati decided to hang onto him.

Top teams will always be in the market for new offensive weapons, if they believe it can help them, and as of this week, there appears to be a former offensive stud who is back healthy and ready for action.

Dez Bryant's last NFL action came for the Dallas Cowboys in 2017. He signed with the New Orleans Saints midway through 2018 season as a free agent, but tore his achilles tendon just two days after signing. This forced Bryant to miss the remainder of the 2018 season, and he has been rehabbing ever since.

Bryant, who is now 31 years old, is certainly over his prime. When he was at his best, he was a monster for the Cowboys, recording double digit touchdowns in three consecutive seasons. Bryant certainly isn't the dominant WR1 he used to be, but he even said in the tweet above himself that he doesn't expect a team to sign him to be such. He knows that, if he is picked up, he would likely just be a complimentary piece for an offense. But Bryant did want to make it clear that he is looking to join an NFL team this year.

Though not what he used to be, Bryant could still help a team looking to make a run in the second half of the regular season.

Here are five teams that should take a flyer on him.

Houston Texans

Bryant is a Texas native, so the connection for this one could make sense to him -- seeing as how these kinds of variables might matter with him at this point in his career.

When healthy, the Texans have an explosive wide receiver group with DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller and Kenny Stills. But they have been banged up recently. Even if Bryant might not get much action when they are all fully healthy, having Byrant as a security blanket if one of those players goes down would be a good option for a team looking to take over the at the top of their division and make a playoff push.

And with a guy like Deshaun Watson throwing Bryant the ball, the production can be there, even if only in the red zone.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have a good group forming, but right now two of their main receiving options each week are rookies in Marquise Brown and Miles Boykin. They also have Willie Snead and plethora of tight end options, but the youthful receiver group could use a guy like Bryant, if nothing more but to be a veteran voice as they make their way to the post season.

Plus, I think Bryant would jump at the chance to play with Lamar Jackson -- who wouldn't?

Buffalo Bills

Here is a list of positives for the Bill signing Dez Bryant:

  • The Bills definitely could use a big bodied wide receiver, especially a guy who could be of service to them in the red zone. Their current leading receivers are John Brown and Cole Beasley, who are both no taller than 5-foot-11.
  • If Bryant is on the Bills, he would, in turn, not be able to sign with the Patriots

New Orleans Saints

The Saints were the team that eventually brought Bryant on board midway through the 2018 season, so we know there was interest there. Depending on the price, they are once again in a place to benefit from Bryant coming on. They obviously have a great offense led by the likes of Drew Brees, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara, but after that they have to get pretty creative to move the ball -- not that it's been difficult.

For a team with as much attitude, confidence and playoff aspiration as the Saints have, why not take the chance on Bryant again like they did before and get a second chance at seeing what could have been?

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles need a receiver. They don't exactly need another big, strong receiver who has trouble separating. But revenge is quite the motivator, and though Bryant does still have love for the Cowboys, he also felt he was disrespected when he was released two years ago. Bryant signed for just $1.25M when he signed with the Saints last season, so his price tag likely won't be any more than that now coming off a major injury.

Playing for the love of the game in a place where his success could simultaneously stick it to some people he believes turned his back on him? Now that's a Dez Bryant I'd like to see.

Written By:

Trevor Sikkema

Senior NFL Draft Analyst

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