Crabbs' 2020 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Photo: Rob Judin - The Draft Network

The 2019 NFL regular season has enough weeks left for you to count on a single hand, meaning the final NFL Draft order is slowly cementing into the set foundation that all simulations, trials and exercises for this April's draft will be built upon. Seeing the order shift over the course of the last few weeks has been fascinating — and it's not done yet, either! Good teams make runs in the second half of the season, so expect to see some continued climbing from middle-tier franchises versus what we see today.

But at this point in time, the 2020 NFL Draft has just been put through a simulation to see what things might look like this April.

A few reminders: The draft is seven rounds long and free agency exists, although neither of those snapshots appear in this exercise. So depending on the pick, the best approach may be to ask what strategies elsewhere may compliment this selection in the draft through either free agency or later draft picks?

The final reminder? Have fun. It's a November mock draft, which clearly means these picks are written in Sharpie and etched in stone. (They're not.)

Welcome to NFL Mock Draft 3.0!


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    Kyle Crabbs

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