Charting The Rookie: Keke Coutee's Week 4

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Keke Coutee was a third round pick of the Houston Texans in the 2018 NFL Draft, but didn’t make his debut until week 4 because of injury. Despite missing time, Coutee had an impressive debut that saw him make 11 receptions for over 100 yards.

The Texans won in overtime, and Coutee’s stat line suggested that he had a large part in the victory. I charted his routes to see just how he accumulated those numbers.


  • Of the 45 routes Coutee ran, 12 of them came when he was aligned as the #1 receiver. Though more of a slot receiver, Coutee has the speed and versatility to take outside reps
  • 25 of the 45 routes came when Coutee as aligned as the #2 receiver
  • 2 of the 45 routes came when Coutee was aligned as the #3 receiver
  • 6 of the 45 routes came when Coutee was motioning into the backfield at the time of the snap
  • I deem “successful” passing routes for wide receivers as those routes that generate enough separation to create a clean and open throwing window for the Quarterback, by the time of his release. I had Coutee down for 32 successful routes.
  • Coutee’s success rate on routes while aligned outside was 9/12
  • Coutee success rate on routes while aligned in the Slot was 16/25
  • All 6 of Coutee’s routes that came after motioning into the backfield were successful.


  • Coutee’s success rate on routes while operating against man coverage was 9/16
  • Coutee’s success rate on routes while operating against zone coverage was 23/29

Coutee’s awareness and experience in the slot helped him find voids and holes in the coverage against zone coverage while in college, this held true on Sunday.


  • Coutee accumulated 11 receptions for 109 receiving yards, on 15 official targets
  • Of the 109 yards, 99 of them came after the catch.
  • Coutee accumulated 25 “air yards” past the line of scrimmage, but his 6 receptions caught behind the line of scrimmage took away from that total
  • Coutee’s average depth of target was just 2.4 yards down the field
  • Coutee’s yards per target was 7.266
  • Coutee’s lone contested catch situation ended up with a reception along the sideline
  • Coutee had 2 drops
  • Coutee’s most ran passing route was the “Under” which he ran 7 times with a success rate of 5/7

Coutee thrived underneath and behind the line of scrimmage. His usage was used to stretch the defense horizontally and as a third choice in triple option.

While his ability to stretch the field from the slot was not utilized, Coutee already has a defined role. While his role increases as the season goes on, expect Coutee to produce as the Texans third receiving option.

Written By:

Brad Kelly

NFL Draft Analyst

NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Wide Receivers Coach at Salve Regina University. Salve Regina Football ‘15.