Building the 2020 Prototype: Defensive Tackle

Photo: USA TODAY Sports - David Blough

Throughout the months of July and August, I’m taking a much closer look at some of the 2020 NFL draft’s top prospects. In doing this, I’m creating a series called “Building the Prototype.” Breaking down each position into the primary traits I specifically look for, I’m going to match 2020 prospects to those traits. Thus, I am essentially building the perfect draft prospect at each position in this upcoming class. In the eighth installment of this series, I took a look at some of the nation's best draft-eligible defensive tackles. I have links to the other position groups of this series at the bottom of the page:

Burst/Quickness: Derrick Brown, Auburn

For his size, Brown has rare lower-body flexibility and explosiveness. His ability to get off the ball with initial quickness, shoot gaps, and ultimately, disrupt the backfield is what makes him a special prospect at defensive tackle. Brown is the complete package. He is scheme versatile, can with both power and agility, and has the physical profile to be an every-down starter. If there is one trait that separates him from the rest of the pack though, it's his initial burst and explosiveness. Hopefully Brown can translate his immense talent into higher sack production, but his impact on the field is so much more valuable than the box score indicates because of his consistent disruption.

Pursuit Motor: Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

Javon Kinlaw will be an interesting study in the 2020 class because at his peak, he looks like a top-10 caliber prospect. With his length, quickness, and power, there isn't a lot that holds back Kinlaw from a physical tools perspective. Consistency with his technique will be his biggest hurdle at the next level, but he does have the most consistent motor of any 2020 NFL draft-eligible defensive tackle I've studied so far. He is in constant pursuit and attack mode each snap. This over-aggressive mindset gets him in trouble with gap discipline, but he is the poster boy for "playing until the whistle blows" at defensive tackle. This relentlessness, along with his physical traits, will make it difficult for teams to pass on him, come next April.

Block Destruction/Length: Raekwon Davis, Alabama

At 6'7, 306, Alabama's Raekwon Davis is a towering presence on the defensive line. His enormous length and vise-grip hands allow him to control blocks at will at the point of attack. His best attribute is his ability to disengage and shed blocks, and he does it better than anyone I have watched so far this summer. With his size, it's even more impressive how often he wins leverage battles along the line of scrimmage. If he can regain his 2017 form, where he was able to rack up 8.5 sacks, he will firmly cement his status in the first round of next year's draft.

Run Game Anchor: Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma

A two-time member of Bruce Feldman's annual college football freaks list, Neville Gallimore reportedly benches 500 pounds, squats 800 pounds, and runs in the 4.7s. Oh yeah, he's also 6'2, 310. That lower-body strength is on display on a snap-to-snap basis, as he is asked to take up space as the nose tackle in Oklahoma's 3-4 defense. His ability to anchor down and stoutly take on double teams without getting moved off his spot makes him an extremely valuable asset against the run. The explosiveness and burst in his athletic profile, however, is rarely on display because of his lack of pass rush reps. His untapped potential will have NFL coaching staffs chomping at the bit to get their hands on him.

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