Big 12 Bullet Points: Pass-Happy Week 5 Meant Production From Grier, Murray & Others

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Anytime you're talking Big 12 football, you're talking some serious offensive production. That was certainly the case this past Saturday as some key Big 12 matchups had the ball flying and the scoreboard working overtime -- one game ended with 99 total points.

With big points come big names, and some of those names won't be in the college football realm for very long, as the production like they had this past Saturday will have their name in the NFL soon.

These were our top performances and takeaways from the Big 12 after Week 5.

Will Grier Still A Momentum Player

If you look at the stats and the highlights, West Virginia quarterback Will Grier had an incredible day with 370 passing yards on 27-of-41 passes with three touchdowns and no interceptions. Plays like the one above weren't stand alones, as Grier made a handful of passes in that game that you can just see him making in the NFL.

But when it comes to being everything we think he might be, including possibly being QB1 in this class, Grier is still missing that mark. Just as there were a handful of highlights, there were a handful of other throws that were just missing or miss-timed that continue to come up each week.

We're not demanding perfection, but the streaky, momentum-driven style of quarterbacking Grier has shown over the last two years may be fun but not as reliable as you're hoping his potential can hold up to be.

Another good game, but not necessarily a convincing one.

Wide Receiver Play Is NFL Ready

Marquise Brown, Oklahoma

Folks, Hollywood Brown is fast; and we don't just mean the kind where he can get deep down the field behind the defense -- although he does that often, too.

Brown had not one but two plays where Oklahoma just got him the ball as soon as possible and watched Brown go to work with it after the catch.

Brown is smaller in size at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, but if John Ross went No. 9 overall at 5-foot-10, 185 pounds, Brown can be a Top 50-Top 75 player with that kind of weapon in his legs.

Collin Johnson, Texas

As the caption of the tweet above states, Texas wide receiver Collin Johnson once again showed us that he has the rare ability to make things easy for his offense in the most important part of the field (the red zone).

At 6-foot-6, 220 pounds, the question with Johnson has always been production. If he was such a useful weapon, why has he had so little production during his career? So far this year he's averaging his highest amount in terms of yards per catch, he's already tied his career touchdowns mark in a season just five weeks in, and he'll likely be as close to a 1,000-yard receiver as he's ever been.

Quarterback play has held Johnson back, not his ability. Don't sleep on him.

Antoine Wesley, Texas Tech

I guess all it takes for you to really start balling out is for Brad Kelly to write about you.

A week ago our Big 12 writer Kelly wrote why Texas Tech's Antoine Wesley could be a gem in this already loaded 2019 wide receiver class, and since then he's put on a show.

Wesley moves very smooth for a man who is 6-foot-4, and because of that he's become a focal point for the Red Raiders' offense, even with wide receiver T.J. Vasher on the other side.

Denzel Mims, Baylor

I feel like we touched on Mims during the preseason but haven't re-visited him enough since.

Week 5 was Mims' second 100-yard game of the season. The 6-foot-3 outside receiver for the Baylor Bears is averaging nearly 20 yards per catch and only seems to be warming up.

Oakland A's Great Kyler Murray Scores 7 TDs

Noted Oakland Athletics draftee, Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, scored seven -- yes you read that right, seven -- touchdowns against Baylor in Week 5.

Murray had six passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown for over 450 total yards. As you would expect from a team that is clearly more talented than anyone else in their conference, in a league that is very points-happy, Murray has been putting up all kinds of stats this season. But, even though he has a nice arm and obvious athletic ability with his legs, his 5-foot-10, 190-pound frame will likely steer him towards the baseball path when it comes time for him to go pro in either sport.

For now, at least it's fun to watch.

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Trevor Sikkema

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