Best NFL Draft Team Fits For Tagovailoa, Burrow

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Everyone. The answer is everyone.

We always say "draft good players," don't we? Well, these are two of the best players in this class -- absolute delights to watch operate their offenses, make highlight reel plays, win monumental football games in moments of unimpeachable glory. And they're quarterbacks! You always need a good, young, talented quarterback on the roster.

Of course, Tua and Burrow won't be available for any but a few teams; those lucky (or unlucky) enough to be drafting early in the first round. That said, trade-ups will happen and even playoff teams will look at what it takes to get into range for these NFL Draft darlings. I detailed three team fits for each player, focusing on a clear pick, a fun pick, and then a really fun pick. Let's get weird.

Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

Clear and Obvious: Miami Dolphins

Tua is a great fit in Miami: he's a national championship-winning quarterback on a team that intentionally tanked for the opportunity to pick a winner; he has a snappy release and is highly efficient in the quick game, which is how Chad O'Shea wants to win in that offense. And he has escapability, which will be necessary behind that leaky offensive line and with those uninspiring receivers as the Dolphins continue to rebuild.

He's also the prince who was promised. He is tethered to Miami, and they won't be able to escape the potential of this pick until they, quite literally, hand the card in come late April.

Would Be Fun: Tennessee Titans

It's tough to say "this is what the Titans need at QB" given how inconsistent their offensive design has been; so many different coordinators in so many consecutive years. What I do know is that they like mobility -- they drafted Marcus Mariota and traded for Ryan Tannehill, and the common thread is the ability to re-set the launch point (and, you know, bad accuracy).

Well, Tua's got actual accuracy, and he has plus movement skills. I also think he's a different leadership voice than Mariota was: he's more active, vocal, and comfortable in the limelight. That's a good sell for a team that was stuck somewhere between 7th and 6th seed under Mariota's tenure.

Would Be Really Fun: Carolina Panthers

So Cam Newton's not going to play this year, and Kyle Allen doesn't seem like the solution. Will Grier was the pick in the third round this past year, and that was frisky for a hot second, until his preseason performance pushed him down to third on the depth chart. Perhaps another year of camp will steady his play, perhaps Cam really will come back healthy -- you willing to bet on either of those options?

Carolina isn't a clear candidate to draft a QB in Round 1, but if they are, Tagovailoa's running ability will add a new dimension to that offense -- Cam hasn't been quite the same as a runner the past couple of seasons. The pistol/2-back sets will seem familiar to Tua as well, and create a nice read option slice of the playbook for short yardage and third down situations.

Joe Burrow, LSU

Clear and Obvious: Cincinnati Bengals

Burrow wins as a pocket passer; his best throws are intermediate breakers and he's got a great nine ball against man coverage. He reminds me at times of Jared Goff, the Los Angeles Rams' multi-million dollar man and ex-starting QB for current Bengals HC Zac Taylor. Burrow is likely a better athlete, doesn't have as strong of an arm, seems a bit more comfortable navigating the pocket when pressure breaks the pocket.

As the McVay offensive mold proliferates, passers of Goff's mold -- Garoppolo, Haskins, and even Burrow -- will continue to garner early pick attention.

Would Be Fun: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Why is Tampa fun? Because another player that Joe Burrow gives me vibes of is Carson Palmer, who experienced a career resurgence under Bruce Arians in Arizona. Arians prefers passers with stronger arms than Burrow, and Palmer certainly had that at first; but even as his arm strength declined, he was successful for B.A. because he was able to extend plays and was still willing to push the ball down the field.

Burrow's done a great job giving an elite WR corps the benefit of contested balls against man coverage, and that's again what he'd see in Tampa with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Of course, Tampa's got to be willing to move on from Jamies Winston and trade the capital to go get Burrow -- bu the might be worth all that effort.

Would Be Really Fun: New Orleans Saints

You can take the boy out of the Bayou, but you can't take the Bayou out of the -- well, this doesn't really apply here. He's also a transfer. Okay, just scrap this.

The Saints run an Air Raid-inspired offense under Sean Payton, as does LSU under new offensive coordinator Joe Brady. The Saints have shown success with less-than-rocket-armed passers in old Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater in recent years. The Saints would be drafting a hometown hero, which does matter, as lining up to take the baton from Drew Brees is not a job for the faint of heart. Burrow would be a widely successful quarterback in New Orleans from Day 1, though it's a multi-step process to get into range of his draft landing spot.

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