When Will The "Big 4" Be Off The Board

Photo: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jedrick Wills, Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs and Mekhi Becton make up this class’ Big 4 and that's not just because they're all very big. They are wicked talented too. 

In a class of great offensive linemen across the board, these four set the standard.

All of the top teams are interested in this set of potential franchise cornerstones which begs the question: How far can they really fall? Put another way: Fill in the blank. 

"All four offensive tackles will be off the board by pick ...?"

This is my best guess for where these tackles come off the board and just how far the final one falls.

1) Cincinnati Bengals: None

This is Joe Burrow, even though the Cincinnati Bengals could use a tackle.

2) Washington Redskins: None

This is Chase Young, even though the Washington Redskins could use a Trent Williams replacement.

3) Detroit Lions: Low

The Detroit Lions have Taylor Lewan under contract for 2020 and just threw a huge contract at Halapoulivaati Vaitai. They could go after a tackle to replace Lewan so they don't have to extend him after 2020, but they have so many more desperate needs. I would be surprised to see a tackle here.

4) New York Giants: High

The New York Giants don't need any position more desperately than they do tackle, which is saying something given the state of their linebacker and EDGE rooms. With a run-first mentality on offense and finally enough freedom to get out of the Nate Solder contract in 2021, the only chance they pass on a tackle here is if they think Isaiah Simmons is an elite player (very possible) or if Young remains on the board (not very possible).

5) Miami Dolphins: Low

The Miami Dolphins definitely need a tackle, and in my opinion, shouldn't let the first round pass without drafting one. Now, can they possibly take one before they take a quarterback at the top of the draft? That would be quite the shock and would only happen if they felt QB2 could be had even later than pick No. 6.

6) Los Angeles Chargers: Decent

The tackle likelihood on this pick boils down to how serious the Los Angeles Chargers are about riding with Tyrod Taylor in 2020 and even beyond. If the Chargers don't think he's their future and refuse to add a free-agent quarterback to fight for him in camp, they must grab a developmental QB and this would be the spot.

If they are okay letting the position sit for now then the clear big need on the roster remains at offensive tackle, even after their offensive line juggling during free agency and via trade. Bryan Bulaga is the starting right tackle, but Russell Okung is gone on the left and must be replaced. If this pick isn't a QB, it'll be a tackle.

7) Carolina Panthers: Low

It isn't the easiest thing to do, riddling out the Carolina Panthers' strategies these days. It does seem like their tackle starters are set in Okung and Taylor Moton. They also have rookie contract depth options in Dennis Daley and Greg Little. I think this will be a different direction than offensive tackle, but who really knows.

8) Arizona Cardinals: High

The Arizona Cardinals look like a competing roster if you squint hard enough that you can't see the trenches — that's on both sides of the ball. D.J. Humphries was extended this offseason, but right tackle is a huge gap on a team that doesn't protect their bookends with tight end chips.

9) Jacksonville Jaguars: Low

This one depends on how the Jacksonville Jaguars feel about Cam Robinson, their starting left tackle who struggled last season as he returned to health from an ACL injury. Right tackle is locked down with Jawaan Taylor, the second-round pick from last year's draft, but if they want to kick Robinson inside to guard, they'll go tackle here.

10) Cleveland Browns: Locked

Lock this one in. Left tackle is the biggest remaining hole on the Cleveland Browns' depth chart. If they go any other direction besides tackle, I'll be shocked.

11) New York Jets: High

The New York Jets have added a presumptive starter at left tackle in George Fant and saw nice returns from developmental third-round selection Chuma Edoga last season. Neither should be considered prohibitive to drafting a high-caliber offensive tackle. The Jets do have to worry about other big needs at wide receiver and EDGE, but I think the third- or even fourth-best offensive tackle on the board will be a better value than most receivers and EDGEs.

There's the floor for OT4: the 11th pick with the Jets. You can lock in the Browns taking one, and you have a great shot of the Giants, Cardinals and Jets taking one too. Add in the interest that the Chargers have, the wildcards that exist with potential trade ups and the outside shot of some other mismanaged teams and I'd guess we have four tackles off the board in the top 11.

I'm sure Tampa Bay (No. 14) and Denver (No. 15) will prevent the Big 4 from really bottoming out much further if we get there at all.