Top 3 Destinations For Allen Robinson If Bears Trade Him

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Winning cures everything. We’ve heard that before, right?

Whether it’s disagreements between players in the locker room, coaches being grilled about in-game decisions, or even fans of the same team at each other’s throats, we’re always told that if the team is winning, nothing else matters—all of those trivial problems are covered by the blanket of victory.

Whoever came up with that mantra forgot to tell Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson.

It was supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows after the Bears’ thrilling road victory over the Detroit Lions this past weekend. The Bears, who many predicted to take a step back this season with uncertainty at the quarterback position, had a thrilling fourth-quarter comeback, in which quarterback Mitchell Trubisky went 8-for-10 with three touchdowns.

When the team wins, we all go home happy, right?


As of Monday night, I guess that wasn’t the case for the Bears’ star wide receiver.

Robinson caught five of his nine targets for 74 yards in the victory on Sunday, but by Monday night he seemed to be disgruntled in the form of the cryptic tweet above. 

Hours later we got a hint of what the source of that tweet might have been, as Robinson appeared to wipe his social media clear of anything that tied him to the organization he currently plays for.

Robinson voluntarily chose head coach Matt Nagy, Trubisky, and the Bears roster core two years ago when he signed a three-year, $42 million deal with Chicago in free agency. Robinson was coming off a rookie tenure where his quarterback in Jacksonville was the infamous Blake Bortles. During his time there, many thought Robinson was held back by the poor quarterback play and nearly everyone was excited to see him in a new setting.

Anyone who knows how the Bears have done offensively over the last two years knows it hasn’t been the best change of scenery.

Robinson is in the final year of his contract with Chicago. On top of that, Nagy’s seat is a bit warm after a disappointing year offensively with their No. 2 overall pick in 2017, Trubisky. And speaking of, Trubisky is likely on his last leg in Chicago if things don’t go right for him.

All of that to say, even if Robinson is upset with something regarding his current situation, the Bears need him, and Chicago likely won’t be moving him. An extension of his contract would be more likely than him being moved, but crazier things have happened.

So let’s live in the world of crazy and find some potential trade partners, shall we?

New England Patriots

Yeah, it would take about 2.5 seconds for the Patriots to be on the line with a deal ready to make it happen.

We already saw how successful the Patriots can be against level or inferior opponents this past Sunday (calm down, Dolphins fans, I like where you’re going, you’re just not to the Pats’ level yet). Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels utilized Cam Newton’s skill set wonderfully, and the Dolphins had no answer.

Newton led the Patriots in rushing with 75 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries, but he only attempted 19 passes for 155 passing yards. I don’t believe that is an indictment on Newton’s throwing ability. I believe it was, one, the flow of the game and being in control, and two, the lack of reliable weapons in the passing attack.

Julian Edelman can be a reliable slot receiver who can keep drives going, but the Patriots need someone on the outside who they can count on, and so far that hasn’t been former first-round pick N’Keal Harry. 

The Patriots gave up a second-round pick for Mohamed Sanu last year; they’d certainly be prepared to do the same or better for Robinson, especially knowing what they have in Newton at quarterback.

San Francisco 49ers

Win while the window is there.

After making the miraculous franchise turnaround, as one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2018 to one of the best in 2019, the 49ers know the ceiling with their roster is good enough to compete for a championship. But with recent injuries to their current depth chart, that mission is harder to accomplish, as they found out this past weekend.

Running back Raheem Mostert was the Niners’ leading receiver in their 24-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, and 76 of those yards came on one pass that Mostert just turned on the jets for. Tight end George Kittle is great for them, but they need more than just him, especially at receiver. With the injuries to Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd, and Brandon Aiyuk, the Niners were left starting Trent Taylor and Kendrick Bourne against Arizona—and there was a price to pay for that.

Jimmy Garoppolo is not an Aaron Rodgers or a Russell Wilson who can make magic happen with almost anyone—and yet those are the guys Garoppolo will likely face if the 49ers hope to make a Super Bowl run again. Robinson would instantly be WR1 for the Niners in their current state.

Houston Texans

Yes, I realize the Texans just moved on from a top wide receiver for basically no reason. But perhaps the reason really was they just didn’t want to pay Hopkins as much as he was asking and/or there was a rift between him and Bill O’Brien.

Regardless, I still think that, for as good as Houston wants to be, Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller (who I like), and Randall Cobb aren't going to do it for them. Deshaun Watson is going to need more.

Robinson isn’t a running back, so O’Brien likely won’t be interested in giving up the draft capital. But it would be fun to see Robinson with a quarterback like Watson.

Written By:

Trevor Sikkema

Senior NFL Draft Analyst

Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-Host of the Locked On NFL Draft Podcast.