5 Things I'm Thrilled About For Future NFL Draft Host Cities

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Alright so Nashville knocked the 2019 NFL Draft out of the park, right? The city was flooded with avid football fans, the venues were terrific, Broadway was a mad house and at the end of it all the 2019 NFL Draft brought *insert Dr. Stuart Price voice here* ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS to the city over Nashville. For three days.

My friends, the NFL Draft is a business and business is #boomin. And so we turn eyes forward -- the NFL has released some of the future locations for NFL Drafts ahead. We've known for quite a while that Las Vegas was the host city of the 2020 NFL Draft but now we know that the 2021 Draft will be held in Cleveland, Ohio and the 2023 Draft will be held in Kansas City, Missouri.

So with three future host cities on the docket, I'd like to confess what I'm most excited about in the years to come.

#1. Endless quotes of The Hangover in Las Vegas

I'm going to set the over/under of times I say "I guess that's why they call it Sin City!" on the 2020 Draft show broadcast at 54.5. Know for a fact that "How about that ride in?" will be muttered at some point in the first ten minutes of the broadcast. The Las Vegas environment is going to draw more fanatics and prompt more spending for the Draft than ever, particularly with the casinos in tow. It's going to be a really crazy year next year.

#2. The Kansas City BBQ scene

I've never been to Kansas City before. My exposure to the midwest includes several stops in Indianapolis and one brief scouting trip to Iowa City to watch Iowa upset a top-4 Michigan team and cost the Wolverines a shot at the CFB Playoff with a walk-off field goal and...that's it. I thoroughly enjoyed the hot chicken experience of Nashville, so knowing that I get to experience the Kansas City BBQ in all it's glory is something I'm pretty pumped about.

#3. Less pressure this time in Cleveland

Fun fact -- I've been to a Browns game before. I was a college freshman who was in his first semester at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (shortly after I transferred to Penn State) and my favorite team growing up was coming to town! The Miami Dolphins. That's the end of the fun part of the story -- the year was 2007. Ronnie Brown went down with an injury before the game with the Browns and Miami entered the game winless. They also lost to Cleveland. That damn team made me sweat every week until a Greg Camarillo slant pattern got a house call and Miami beat Baltimore in December to avoid going 0-16.

#4. The Seafood Buffet at Wynn

The last time I ever ate truly as much as humanly possible, I was trying to slam down the last remnants of the Saucy Q's "Big Pig Challenge" in Mobile, Alabama three years ago. The concept -- you eat a 4.5 lb sandwich in 45 minutes and you get your face on the wall. It's 2.5 lbs of pulled pork, 1 lb of coleslaw and then 1 lb of BBQ sauce. Fun fact -- they don't make any mention of the eight hamburger buns it gets served on. I crashed and burned that day in Mobile, in front of an audience of several NFL head coaches and executives.

I said I'd never eat to the max again. BUT! The Wynn's buffet is literally to die for. And on Fridays and Saturdays they roll out the seafood. What's the world record for most crab legs eaten in a single sitting? I'm just asking. For...a friend.

#5. Staying a few extra days in Cleveland to fish on Lake Erie

My grandfather was a big time outdoorsman. And before his health declined and he passed away, the last big fishing trip he took me on was a charter expedition on Lake Erie. I was 15 then -- what a time we had. I had my first cup of coffee on that trip -- full on black. It was awful. I had my first sip of beer on that trip -- not that I condone that sort of thing. But Grandpa insisted I at least try it...I thought it was lake water at first, I can hear his laugh clear as day. I haven't been back to Lake Erie since, but with the Draft set for 2021 you can bet my schedule is going to have a few days behind the Draft set to stay in Cleveland.

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Kyle Crabbs

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Director of Content & Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-host of the Draft Dudes podcast. Former NDT Scouting Overlord.