3 Teams Destined For the Reset Button

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An NFL season that's already had its fair share of standout moments, we are now entering the stage of where the NFL Draft order is beginning to take form, coaches job security is being explored and some fanbases are already deep diving into the upcoming draft prospects.

While some teams are already glancing at the playoff picture there are others who remain far on the outside looking in in hopes of their team acquiring as high of a draft pick as they can. Certain teams around the league have already begun laying the groundwork for what could transpire in 2020 and other who are ready to mash the reset button.

Who are these teams though? I examine the top three who could be ready. 

1. Washington Redskins (1-8)

Matching its worst start since 1998, there's plenty of dysfunction in the nation's capital. From the Trent Williams debacle to the way it's mishandled the developmental process with Dwayne Haskins, there doesn't seem to be clear plan in place. There aren't many allies associated with Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder, but the two stiill remain adamant about there being a proper plan in place in order to get back atop the NFC East standings over the long haul.

Former head coach Jay Gruden has already been relived of his duties, but many agree that he wasn't the main source of the reoccurring problems internally. Regardless, the Redskins remain a team that have lots of question marks surrounding the roster and what happens under-center next season. Haskins has already been named as the starter going forward and he will have a seven-game audition in order to prove to the franchise that he has what it takes in order to be "the guy" going forward. 

There are other areas that need to be addressed and that starts with the future of Trent Williams. Even though he's not a free agent until the conclusion of the 2020 season, there still needs to be some type of resolution concerning that front. Then, finding the next head coach will be vital to the teams success especially with the team seeming to be fully invested in making Haskins work as the quarterback of the future.

2. New York Jets (2-7)

All is not well in the Big Apple. Even after spending over $100 million in free agency, the team is off to a dreadful 2-7 start. The addition in free agency haven't been what they thought they were and ones who have shown glimpses haven't been able to sustain it because of the surrounding parts.

Second-year quarterback Sam Darnold has regressed as a result of poor offensive line play and the offense as a whole is one of the worst in the league. General manger Joe Douglas and head coach Adam Gase have a long standing relationship, but it is one that will be put to the test this offseason as the first-year coach has the early makings of what could be a one-and-done situation with the franchise. The panic button is close to be pressed and there's lots of concern overall in what was thought to be the next step for a team that has talent on the roster overall.

3. Atlanta Falcons (2-7)

By far the most disappointing team in the NFL to this point has been the Falcons. A roster that contains plenty of talent, but it just has not been up to par. Fresh off a surprising victory against the Saints, a sense of optimism has returned to the building, but it's not a secret that head coach Dan Quinn remains on the hot seat. After firing nearly all of his coaching staff and naming himself as defensive coordinator, a lot of the previous faults now fall on his shoulder.

Outside of Grady Jarrett, the team hasn't been able to find a consistent pass rushing threat and that is an area that will need to be addressed early and often. No one knows what the future holds for this team, but in the tough NFC South, it can't continue to fall deeper behind.

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Jordan Reid

Senior NFL Draft Analyst

Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-Founder of ClimbingThePocket.com. Former QB and Coach at North Carolina Central Univ.