3 Early 2019 NFL Draft Narratives That Need Altered

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I keep up with takes and narratives on pretty much all-things football - it's my job. But there are some that I continue to see and I just can't get behind them. Let's examine three hat need to be amended right away.

DK Metcalf Isn't Ole Miss' Best WR

Our staff spent the summer studying the 2019 draft-eligible prospects and we all drooled over Metcalf. Anyone who watched his tape should have seen a special talent. His size, burst, speed, ball skills, physicality, nuance in his release... ALL of it is exceptional. Dude's a rare talent.

Yet, when we started dropping mock drafts with Metcalf going in the top 10 or put out rankings with Metcalf as WR1, we were met with a lot of questions as to why he was slotted so high. Many of those questions and comments were suggesting that Rebel teammate A.J. Brown should be the Ole Miss receiver we should be regarding so highly.

I like Brown. He's a top 50 talent. But he ain't DK. No way.

Metcalf has top of the first round traits. Watch his tape and get on board. I promise we wouldn't lie to you.

Jarrett Stidham Is a First Round Talent

I am really surprised at how many fans Stidham has.

Entering Year 2 with Auburn, Stidham brought back his best two receivers and has literally displayed no growth. He has an occasional flash of mobility when extending a play and hitting a throw on the run but his snap-to-snap consistency is underwhelming. Sure he hits his layups but the stuff that translates to consistency and making throws on Sundays leaves much to be desired.

In terms of processing, seeing the field, making decisions and pocket presence Stidham is too underdeveloped to rank as highly as I continue to see him slotted. His physical traits are fine but nowhere good enough to discount any of his deficiencies.

Although NFL teams have a tendency to over-draft QBs, there has to be standards when it comes to slapping a first round grade on a QB. We need to expect more from Stidham than what he's displayed.

Can Yodny Cajuste Get Some Love?

Y'all watching the same NFL I am? We've got a massive supply and demand issue when it comes to quality offensive lineman. The NFL is trying to legislate hitting the QB but the reality is a lot of those hits can be avoided with better protection up front.

The Myles Garretts, Khalil Macks, Von Millers and Demarcus Lawrences of the world are out-pacing the Trent Williams, Tyron Smiths, David Bakhtiaris and Andrew Whitworths of the world. And next years crop of defensive lineman is LOADED!

Pop on some West Virginia tape and tell me why we aren't talking about Cajuste more? This dude has every trait needed to become a high-quality pass blocker in the NFL  He’s long, athletic and fleet of foot with a strong anchor. He frames rushers well and knows how to keep them at the end of his reach. He looks effortless protecting Will Grier's blindside.

I am all about Jonah Williams as OT1 right now, but Cajuste deserves a lot more attention. He's very closely rated for me with David Edwards in the OT2 discussion at this point. Don't be late.

Written By:

Joe Marino

Chief Administrative Officer

CAO & Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-host of the Draft Dudes podcast. Member of the FWAA.