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NAME: Andraez (Greedy) Williams



POSITION: Cornerback

CLASS: RS Sophomore

JERSEY: No. 29


HT: 6’1

WT: 182 lbs

D.O.B.: 12/3/1997

Man Cover Skills –Has very good linear acceleration to stay attached at the hip to receivers. Long arms are effective in jostling and battling for position on the route stem. Can be premature in his transitions which can cause some looseness on quicker routes.

Zone Cover Skills –Can be a half tick slow when processing a flooded concept or when routes overlap into his area of responsibility, which can provide a throwing window. Typically over-sinks carrying vertically, can be attacked with late route breaking into intermediates.

Feet/Change of Direction –Transitions are just a touch delayed on account of height and such long steps. Can get complacent with his feet at the line of scrimmage at times, leaving them behind and giving up a clean release. Would like to stay patient with hip flip and use long speed to settle in from there.

Ball Skills Great ball production over the course of career. A true ball hawk who flips the switch when the football is in the air to crowd his man at the catch point and look for an angle to break on the football. Wingspan provides a large catch radius.

Flexibility –Hip mobility is perfectly fine, especially for his size. Gets up field and is graceful in that hip hinge. Shoulders are loose as well, helping to maximize his high point skills and ability to challenge football at optimal position in the air.

Acceleration –Great long speed and has the ability to stay sticky against defenders vertically when tested deep. Click and close skills are effective and shows good spring once momentum is established. Physically capable of handling any assignment.

Zone Spacing – Wingspan and long speed help to mask any errors in spacing or delay in processing. Does well in deep third role to hold his ground vs. routes pressing up the field and is capable of peeling off to MOF to help attack the football.

Competitive Toughness – Frustratingly poor reps are present on tape. Can be found at times walking behind the play and has made some business decisions in run support and as a tackler. Physically strong at the LOS with stab but frame is high/lean, meaning there’s room for added functional strength.

Run Support –Plays passive and soft in this regard. Isn’t particularly interested in putting his face in the fire or trying to jolt blockers and discard of blocks. Is slow to press up into the LOS and often times sits off the line to try and wait out having to tackle.

Tackling –Is more of an ankle biter, prefers to try to cut down ball carriers below the waist as compared to offering any kind of physical challenge with his hips and pads behind the tackle. Poor tackler who misses quite frequently in the open field as a result.

BEST TRAIT – Ball Skills

WORST TRAIT – Run Support

BEST FILM – Miami (2018)

WORST FILM – Alabama (2018)


Greedy Williams projects as a high impact player in the NFL, for better and for worse. Williams’ ball skills, length and speed will allow him a lot of challenges on the football. But Williams’ effort and lack of desire to play all phases of the position will impact his team as well, only in a negative light. Williams has Pro Bowl potential with a fire lit underneath his rear. He’s got the ability to be a starter fairly quickly, but team will have to be comfortable with the ups and downs…or eliminate them.

Feet – Has plenty of foot speed but needs to play more on his toes to avoid delayed transitions. Can be too patient in the contact window and find himself trailing. Has longer strides which will occasionally slow him down when transitioning.

Man Coverage – Has all the physical upside to be a standout man coverage corner. Features good length, fluid hips and the speed to carry routes vertically down the field. Doesn’t always anticipate route breaks well and gets caught guessing. Needs to more consistently finish reps to not allow late separation.

Tackling – Would prefer not to. Nips at ankles and is often reluctant to do that. Rarely illustrates a desire to square up a ball carrier and have a physical exchange. Whiffs too frequently in space.

IQ/Awareness – Despite impressive physical ability, Williams is often left in a state of recovery because he transitions too quickly or incorrectly. Wires get crossed in zone coverage and he finds himself in between zones while not manning the area he is responsible for.

Physicality – Leaves much to be desired. Makes business decisions when his team needs him to make a tackler or get off a block. Is stout at the line of scrimmage and in the contact window with receivers but it doesn’t translate to tackling and playing off contact.

Ball Skills – Illustrates the ability to disrupt at the catch point. Athletic ability and length lead to ample opportunities to make plays on the ball. Showcases good hands when he has the chance to haul in an interception. Drives forward on the ball well with good timing. There are occasions with his back to the football where he is slow to work his head around and find the ball.

Press Technique – I like his upside in press. Illustrates good play strength in the contact window, length and the ability to turn and run. Does well to locate his hands on the receivers frame and disrupt route timing.

Flexibility – Hips are fluid, especially for a taller corner. Can flip and run with smooth transitions. Able to cleanly plant and drive. Has good overall bounce in his movements.

Versatility – Projects nicely to a role as a man and press-man corner on the outside. Needs work with coverage spacing and technique in zone coverage. Contributions as a tackler in run support are poor.

BEST TRAIT – Physical Upside

WORST TRAIT – Physicality


Greedy Williams features a blend of size, length, speed, fluidity and ball skills that suggest he offers a high ceiling in coverage as a lock down corner. With that said, Williams puts doubt in my mind given his disappointing passiveness as a tackler and when working off contact. Too many instances where he fails to finish reps and allows late separation exacerbate those concerns regarding his competitive toughness. If he is motivated, willing to play physical and improves as a processor, Williams should be an early impact starter. If not, he could flame out.

Vertical Coverage – Very good long speed to match receivers vertically down the field. Only receivers who gave him a tough time down the field were ‘Bama’s crew, all 4.3 guys at worst. Not physical enough at the line of scrimmage, but does a good job pinning receivers to the sideline on outside releases. Disrupts the catch point with length. Turning and finding the football more frequently would save him from some head-scratching penalties.

Fluidity/Agility – Unbelievable fluidity in his turns and transitions when he’s competing at full speed. Peak Greedy has impressive ability to mirror-and-match, running routes for receivers and staying tethered to his opponent out of breaks. Speed turns to recover are lightning quick. Flips and gets on top of vertical routes fast. Body control and technique can lapse and lead to silly penalties at the top of routes in order to stay in phase.

Ball Skills – Finds the football from off, zone and even press man, getting his head around to contest the ball even with his back to it. He’s hit or miss at finding the ball vertically, but has the length, leaping ability and timing to play the ball in the air and condense throwing windows. 19 passes defensed and eight interceptions in 24 games, tape shows the stats aren’t lying.

Click-and-Close – Fully dependent on how sloppy his footwork is at the top of a route, which varies from play-to-play. When he’s balanced and on the balls of his feet in zone, can anticipate and break on the ball with alarming quickness. Most nastiness at the catch point to play the pocket would be ideal, rip that ball out.

Press Ability – Inconsistent technique in press. Flashes of well-placed stabs and easy opens in press, but doesn’t utilize his hands often enough and gets stacked off the line of scrimmage as a result. Exceptional ability to recover due to his elite athleticism when he does misstep. Typically patient in press and will stay square to read receiver’s release off the line, but doesn’t disrupt receivers physically and can be susceptible to giving up inside releases as a result.

Route Recognition – Spent most of his time in press man, where he did a good job knowing what to expect and sitting on outside releases from teams like Georgia and Ole Miss whose receivers run limited route trees. More undisciplined in zone, can get pulled around by certain route concepts (post-wheel vs Cover 3 got him vs Auburn) and cheat his assignment a bit.

Tackling – Targets low and tucks a shoulder most of the time as a tackler, which can lead to some whiffs. Not a physical tackler at all, but he does have the length and enough strength to usually get his man on the ground. Biggest issue is the number of times he could be involved as a tackler, but opts out.

Run Support – It’s gonna be a yikes from me, dog. Has no real desire to get involved in run defense, hangs back and retreats from blockers/ball carriers hoping for someone else to step in and make a tackle. Consistent soft edge to his side, allowing runners to bounce at will.

Competitive Toughness – Disappointing absence of competitive toughness at various points of almost every game. Finesse player who prefers to avoid contact as a tackler and when taking on blocks. Becomes a spectator and allows receivers to separate from him late in scramble drills. Allows opponents to take physical liberties, pushing him around after the play. Oddly enough, doesn’t seem to impact his confidence/chirpiness at all.

Athleticism/Size – A little lanky and may need to add some muscle, but has ideal length, height and athleticism for the position. Smooth, fluid athlete with terrific explosiveness, hops and long speed.

BEST TRAIT – Athleticism/Man Coverage

WORST TRAIT – Physicality/Technique (Consistency)

RED FLAGS – Effort clearly lacking at times.

There is zero doubt in my mind that Greedy Williams has the highest ceiling of any cornerback in the 2019 class, and will probably be the first one off the board as a result. Few cornerbacks possess his combination of length, fluidity, long speed and ball skills, and as long as he tests well, the NFL will covet that collage of traits.

But Williams is still inconsistent in his press technique, allowing clean releases and forcing himself into recovery mode early in the rep. His effort and physicality are painfully lacking at times, and whatever team drafts him will need to accept that he’ll probably always be a liability in run support.

Williams is scheme diverse in coverage, but would operate best in a press-man defense that keeps his assignments simple and allows his athletic gifts to flourish. If he opts to care and compete at a high level for the majority of his career, Williams could be a very prosperous NFL player. The question now becomes, in what area of the draft am I willing to bet on that transformation taking place?