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NAME: Terry Godwin

SCHOOL: Georgia


POSITION: Wide Receiver

CLASS: Senior



HT: 5’11

WT: 185 lbs

D.O.B.: 10/23/1996

Route Running – Trail leg in his stance is extended to the point where his get-off is limited. Too much bend at his waist. Against press, he’ll false step before moving laterally. Best on change of direction routes, as he mostly operates underneath and on slant routes. Struggles with contact and when he can’t disengage from the jam of defensive backs, knocked off of his line. Too often beaten in the contact window. When given a free release his route running and feel for space can be lethal. Open hips who can make any kind of break in an instant. Aware on rub routes who will use his teammates as way to separate away from man coverage defensive backs. Works downhill towards the Quarterback, using his loose hips in order to break off routes quickly.

Athleticism / Speed – Incredibly smooth athlete who has elite change of direction and flexibility. Above average speed and short-area quickness. Lack strength and size which limits his ceiling, and he will undoubtedly need to add weight and muscle to his frame for the next level. Much needed strength and durability.

Hands / Ball Skills – Godwin showed too many drops, as his hands were inconsistent on film. Struggled to properly adjust to a number of passes. However, when Godwin needed to fully extend while at full speed, he showed the ability to pluck the ball and immediately transition into a ball carrier. Ball placement needs to be out ahead of him. Struggles at the catchpoint when crowded or when tasked with winning through contact.

Ball Carrier – Easy, fluid transitions into being a ball carrier. Elusive runner but lacks the strength to stay upright through contact, often going down from the hit of the first defender. 

Stalk Blocking – Understands positioning and how to attack defenders. However, his slight frame gets him thrown around a bit. Will stop his feet for a second and allow defenders to disengage. Better when working in towards the defensive formation where he can cut off defenders and run his feet to remain in the way of their pursuit.

Versatility – Godwin was moved around a bit in Georgia’s offense over the years, but projects best into a slot role at the next level. Mostly operated on underneath routes, and doesn’t offer much in the vertical game. He has minimal experience as a returner, but his slippery skills as a ball carrier could suggest future reps into that role.

BEST TRAIT – Route Running

WORST TRAIT – Strength


Godwin filled a complimentary role for all four seasons in Georgia, compiling at least 385 yards in every season. Mostly working from the slot, his smooth athleticism allowed him to take advantage of space when he was afforded it. Due to his slight frame, he’s a bit of a projection for the next level. He can struggle with contact or close coverage, and needs added strength to function at the rate he did throughout college. His traits suggest an NFL-caliber player, but his frame isn’t yet made for the next level.

– Brad Kelly

PROS: Easily the most technical of Georgia’s top three returning receivers. Shows good attention to detail, selling vertically off the line of scrimmage before breaking back to the ball. Short-area quickness is impressive, shows the ability to work around press coverage alignments and create slivers of separation early. Moves similarly to former teammate Malcolm Mitchell or even Nelson Agholor.

Slight frame, but don’t tell him that. At Georgia, you block or you don’t play. Godwin epitomizes this with his effort, technique and physicality as a blocker. Will sacrifice his body to make a block, constantly hustling for the team. Plays with an edge as a receiver and blocker.

CONS: Did not see him emerge victorious in a lot of contested catch situations (also wasn’t targeted in many). Frame becomes an issue when corners have the opportunity to play through him to contested the catch. More quick than fast. Long speed didn’t appear to threaten many corners on tape.

Is good at what he does, but route tree and concepts will be more advanced in the NFL. Despite his approach, there were times when bigger/more technical press corners got into his frame at the line of scrimmage and disrupted his releases/routes. Very little creativity or explosiveness/elusiveness after the catch as a runner.

– Jon Ledyard