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NAME: Tre Lamar

SCHOOL: Clemson


POSITION: Linebacker

CLASS: Junior

JERSEY: No. 57


HT: 6’4

WT: 250 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A


Football Intelligence – Seems to process action well enough, although he was spoiled behind a dominant defensive line that kept him clean and allowed him to make flat footed reads before carrying on in pursuit. Not one to anticipate gaps at the snap, however.

Tackling – Big, physical dude with a lot of boom in his pads when he can catch you flush. Is a true enforcer between the tackles and thrives in a bully ball setting. Does not do well to break down in space or come to balance prior to contact.

Block SheddingPowerful upper body and does show the ability to jolt blockers with his pads and hands. Punch isn’t always consistent and as a result he can give up his chest, forcing him into a difficult spot. Lacks short area mobility to disengage suddenly.

Competitive ToughnessPlays hard. Crashes recklessly into the box in an effort to make a muck of the play and stuff up run gaps. His functional strength and power are plus qualities, he’s run through soft challenges with ease to push forward to the ball.

Lateral MobilityDoesn’t have the sideline to sideline speed to be considered a viable option in the middle of a defense, will struggle to stay over the top of outside run concepts and get beat to the corner.

Coverage SkillsNon-existent. Struggles with lateral range and labors more when tasked with trying to get depth away from the line of scrimmage or take away routes crossing his face. Doesn’t have the acceleration skills to work into hip pocket vs. crossers.

Gap Shooting AbilityIf tasked with pressure before the snap he is capable of driving through a crease to challenge the mesh. Otherwise he lacks the short area quickness or anticipation to gain ground in his scrapes and will inevitably be late arriving and miss the fill.

Feet/Change of DirectionLabored. Feet are lethargic and appear to be heavy, isn’t going to inspire when he’s forced to get on his horse or pivot back inside vs. a ball carrier’s cut. Non-dynamic athlete who can’t be tasked with playing MIKE.

FlexibilityIllustrates almost zero hip hinge. When he’s needing to turn and run in pursuit or to carry a flashing receiver, he features clunky, awkward transitions and shows no ability at all to unlock his hips. Needs feet, hips and pads all aligned.

First Step QuicknessLinear burst is about average but he really needs a runway to get himself going, otherwise he rumbles up to top speed and can get easily caught up in the wash or tripped trying to work through the point of attack.

BEST TRAIT – Competitive Toughness

WORST TRAIT – Athleticism

BEST FILM – Duke (2018)

WORST FILM – Boston College (2018)


Tre Lamar is not a player who projects favorably to today’s NFL. Lamar is rigid, stiff and struggles in space, all areas that LBs need to excel if they are to be coveted prospects. Lamar is at his best in tight quarters, he can use his physical pads and functional strength to stuff up interior blocks and force the ball carrier to bounce into defensive pursuit. Tasking Lamar with playing passing downs will be a difficult assignment, given his tight hips and lack of range.

PROS: Physically imposing presence in the middle of the field. First off the bus body composition. Plays forward and into the line of scrimmage with intent and power plugging gaps. Plays with active hands while working through contact. Diagnoses inside run well and certainly fits the bill as a thumper. Good closing speed playing forward when there is a clear path to his target. Executes with urgency. Offers some appeal as a blitzer. Has good contact power and balance. 

CONS: A throwback linebacker that lacks many of the desirable traits for today’s game. Tight hipped and lacks lateral mobility. Range is limited to between the tackles only. Noticeably lacks comfort in space and in his coverage drops. Does not read the backfield well in zone coverage and is often stuck in the mud. Very calculated in space in terms of movement and reactionary skills. A scheme specific player that is likely to not see the field on passing downs at the next level; might even be a subpackage contributor only. Not a candidate for work in man coverage against tight ends or running backs and asking him to carry them into space. Limited.