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Name: Jordan Brailford

SCHOOL: Oklahoma State



CLASS: RS Junior

JERSEY: No. 94


HT: 6’3

WT: 250 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

First Step Quickness –Has above average burst when he’s coiled in obvious passing situations. Doesn’t appear to have the natural explosiveness to overwhelm with pure speed but can offer enough mobility to win against poor technique or against heavy footed blockers.

Hand Technique/Length –  Placement is lacking and general awareness of how to use and weaponize his hands is poor. Lacks the pop to jolt pads and reset the LOS, instead concedes his chest and surrenders leverage when trying to stack up blockers on the edge.

Pass Rush Counters –Very one dimensional. Showed some more flavor to his game when participating at the 2019 Shrine Game, but in-game utilization was modest, at best. Showed some long-arm skills but too often tried to duck the inside shoulder for speed rushes and lacks the bend to finish.

Flexibility –Lacks in the ankle flexion to carry speed and flatten at the apex of the rush track. Carries himself well with pad level on the hoof, won’t get blasted by hands when stepping into the LOS. Lateral tilt through the torso is better than what is produced below the waist.

Run Defending –  Will get eaten alive by NFL OTs, Risner stole his lunch in the run game. Lacks hand placement to give himself space to pop and separate from blocks, meaning he’s a sitting duck for well framed blocks to latch onto his chest and wall him off.

Competitive Toughness –  Admirable mental toughness, overcoming a difficult injury and medical issues that cost him nearly 2 full seasons. Functional strength is…lacking. Undersized for the position and gets pushed around due to poor hand sent and lean lower half.

Tackling –  Has flashed some violent finishes, particularly with momentum as a second level fill defender vs. the run. Has requisite levels of length to be a winner as a wrap up tackler. Mobility enables him to get into the hip of the ball carrier when in pursuit laterally.

Lateral Mobility –  Scrape speed when flowing uncontested is effective. Has enough mobility to play into the sideline with his hand in the dirt as well. Short area burst and twitch is modest, doesn’t have a lot of lateral quickness to displace and cross face.

Stand Up Ability – Was fed more and more in off-ball situations in rJunior season. His ability to shoot gaps and not read plays was essential to splash plays, will have a long road ahead to develop and be functional in anything other that stand-up rush role at the next level.

Football IQ –  A player potentially between roles, he lacks the polish to be effective as a full time rusher but lacks the experience to warrant high consideration in off-ball role. Upside is present on both counts but there’s a lot of technical development and coaching investment needed.

BEST TRAIT – Stand Up Ability

WORST TRAIT – Hand Technique

BEST FILM – Kansas (2018)

WORST FILM – Kansas State (2018)

RED FLAGS – 2016 lower leg INJ, shoulder INJ

Jordan Brailford is a bit of a tweener, he showcases some necessary qualities to rush off the edge but lacks hand skills, extension awareness, rush counters and functional strength to play with his hand in the dirt. Brailford was afforded reps as an off-ball LB during his final season and seemed to find some success as a gap shooter and second level scrape defender in the run game. Brailford should be regarded as a developmental prospect only.

PROS: Posseses nice length, and is able to reach and press on his pass rush. Solid hand usage with an array of moves, using swift and active swipes against opposing blockers. Shows an ability to read and react from both the a 3-point stance and as a stand-up outside linebacker. Flashes pursuit quickness in pass rush. NFL-ready body and frame.

Cons: Not very nimble, off balance and ending up on the ground on multiple occasions. Doesn’t utilize a variety of pass rush moves, one dimensional by just using length in bull rushes. Inconsistent in timing the snap, occasionally the last lineman to jump off the ball. Looks uncomfortable playing stand up Will linebacker. Decent gap reactor but lacks lateral quickness.