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NAME: Garrett Bradbury

SCHOOL: North Carolina State


POSITION: Interior Offensive Line

CLASS: RS Senior

JERSEY: No. 65


HT: 6’3

WT: 300 lbs

D.O.B.: 6/20/1995

Run Blocking – A true technician that is intentional about playing with leverage, body positioning and hand placement. Highly effective taking advantage of blocking angles and working combo blocks. Finds leverage points and does well to exploit them but isn’t necessarily a consistent people mover in drive block situations. Does well to maximize his play strength by playing with consistently sound technique and timing.

Pass Blocking – Takes consistent pass sets and effectively frames rushers. Has excellent foot speed which enables him to stay square and mirror rushers. Keeps rushers at the end of his reach with a usually well-timed and located punch. Highly effective help blocker when uncovered.

Blocking in Space – Glides through space and climbs to the second level with great timing. Comes to balance extremely well, frames his target and seals. Is effective leading off-tackle on account of his mobility and body control that leads to consistently connecting with moving targets.

Power – Knows how to play with leverage and technique to maximize his frame to generate power. Anchors well but has to work overtime against good speed to power converters. Works hard to finish and his ability to remain square enables him to sustain blocks. Will not regularly uproot defensive lineman out of their gap and create space.

IQ – Alert, smart and attentive to diagnosing pressure packages and knows how to respond. Executes with precise timing and understands his role in relationship to the play concept. Committed technician and assignment-driven in his approach. Switched from tight end to center in 2015 and has adapted rapidly. Gives consistent effort and looks for work through the whistle. 

Feet – Light and nimble on his feet. Springy change of direction skills and is highly effective moving laterally. Reach blocks 3-techniques with rare consistency. Does well to keep feet moving through contact and never gets flat footed.

Hands – Punch is compact, efficient and effective. Timing and location of his punch is excellent. Dedicated to fitting his hands and knows how to reestablishing his hand fits if he gets swiped. Rarely gets too wide with his placement.

Balance – Works into his pass sets with good control and width in his base. Has no issues redirecting his weight and sliding laterally. Absorbs contact well enough and is capable of dropping a late anchor. Showcases outstanding body control on the move and when reaching his landmarks in space.Operates with excellent posture and body control.

Versatility – Can likely function at any interior offensive line spot but his best fit comes at center. Snap to step speed is excellent. Projects most favorably to a zone blocking speed that takes advantage of his lateral mobility and is less demanding on play strength.

BEST TRAIT – Body Control

WORST TRAIT – Play Strength


Bradbury came to NC State as a tight end recruit and leaves as an outstanding NFL interior offensive line prospect. His technical refinement and consistency is even more impressive considering the relative newness to his position. Given his lateral mobility and proven success in the Wolfpack’s zone blocking run scheme, he projects most favorably to the same role in the NFL. Bradbury’s range as a blocker will be major asset to him and his NFL offense. By year three, Bradburry has the upside to become a solid starter that is primed to sign a lucrative second contract.

Functional Athleticism –  Lateral mobility is terrific. Shows excellent range along the line of scrimmage and is quick to climb the ladder and challenge LBs. Capable of shifting and sliding in the pocket in an effort to account for blitzing defenders late.

Football IQ – Has had a handful of snafus with snaps, put one over QBs head in one game and premature snap on the road on road vs. Clemson. Can be late to identify blitzes and as a result tests his lateral quickness to get over and pick up a rusher.

Anchor Ability – Soft. Gets bubbled back in run reps by tackles when hooking, which can disrupt the back’s press into the LOS. Lack of length is problematic in stunning interior rushers and forces him to catch a lot of rushes with his chest, giving ground.

Hand Technique – Quick hands out of his stance, makes conscious effort to set the hook in the run game and win leverage with his hands to transition into leverage. Will chase bodies in protection at times and extend his shoulders out over his toes. Carries hands ready to strike.

Balance – Excellent body control. The only times he’s in effective and off kilter is when he’s getting bubbled back and collapsed in the pocket. Even when he overextends, he’s able to slide and ride out defenders with his feet and shows good recovery balance.

Pass Sets – Likable foot cadence to gain depth out of his snaps and angle into an assistance role in the pocket. Has a bit of a soft anchor and as a result struggles to gain his footing against head up nose tackles in protection. Most effective in slide protection.

Flexibility – Has wonderful range of motion through his hips to hinge and/or work over the top of reach blocks on outside zone concepts. Shows good hip drop in efforts to sink and absorb power rushes. Effective to peel his base back across momentum.

Power at POA – Finesse blocker. Effective in lateral situations and fully capable of steering defenders with his hips and hands, but isn’t going to drive anyone off the line of scrimmage. Has good foot action to try to sustain forward momentum and positive framing.

Length/Extension – Notable lack of extension. Is able to mask with good lateral mobility and foot quickness but struggles to stay framed vs. defenders with momentum on account of lack of influence and strike zone. Optimizes what he has, but will get stacked by interior defenders in the run game.

Competitive Toughness – Effort is terrific. Has good results in long reach blocks thanks to hustle, short area quickness and second effort. Physical play strength is adequate but not an asset, nor is his ability to drop the hips and absorb power rushes in one on ones.

BEST TRAIT – Flexibility

WORST TRAIT – Anchor Ability

BEST FILM – Virginia (2018)

WORST FILM – Clemson (2018)


Garrett Bradbury projects as a potential starting center in a zone rushing offense. Bradbury will have his hands full in looks that require him to handle interior defenders on his own due to a soft anchor, but in reps as a help blocker in pass protection and against even fronts he can be much more effective. Bradbury showcases excellent lateral range as a blocker and will be a scheme specific prospect whose success will be reliant on being put in favorable situations.

Pass Protection – Good luck beating him on his edge unless you get him off-balance first. Power rushers succeed in pushing him back slightly, but is almost never overwhelmed and gives inches slowly, not feet. Does a great job keeping his base proportionate and recovering when he faces an unexpected rush.

POA Run Blocking – Elite zone blocker with outstanding burst and footwork to reach technique from A to B-gap with ease. Has been the best zone blocker in college football for maybe two seasons now. Outstanding quickness, hand placement and football IQ to consistently identify and reach targets in a timely fashion. Made everyone around him better on the offensive line with his ability to assist on first level and still gets to his target on the second level. Only concern is the lack of scheme diversity at N.C. State, all zone there.

Functional Strength – Not an overpowering presence, but functional strength is very impressive. Maximizes his physical ability with good technique, leverage and dogged determination. Won’t pancake many, but when he gets the chance he will bury you. Head-up techniques with a great jump can knock him back initially, but does find impressive ways to recover and torque them out of gaps even when he loses some ground initially.

Pass Pro Footwork – Builds his house quickly with a perfect base and keeps his feet active. Can mirror quicker interior defenders smoothly, an important trait in the NFL’s current age of hybrid inside pass rushers. Rare ability to recover with rangy feet with he is in danger.

Strike Timing/Placement – Explosive punch that is typically well-timed and placed in pass protection. Vice grip hands to stay latched despite hump moves and chops. Gets into a bit of trouble when he tries his quick one-handed stab and an opponent sees it coming and can attack that arm. Risky maneuver, but he does pull it off at times.

Leverage – Just under 6-foot-3, so some of the leverage is built in naturally, but still plays with consistent knee bend and flexibility. Able to ward off stronger players due to his pad level. Hands are consistently leveraged in the run game to assist him in controlling defenders and driving them out of gaps.

Space Blocking – Very rarely asked to pull, but the few times he did looked like a complete natural and has elite movement skills to make that transition in the NFL. Body control in space is rare for an interior offensive lineman, reaches targets quickly, taking strong angles and arriving to contact under control. Adjusts on the fly to the movements of smaller, quicker players. Drops his pads and latches and drives through contact in space. Ideal option for the screen game.

Competitive Toughness – Physical and tough to finish every rep strong. Works his tail off to get to targets in space and at least get a piece of them. Has had a few opportunities to get downfield and throw blocks and always shows maximum effort. Looks for work when uncovered and will hammer interior defensive lineman in pass pro support.

Mental Processing – 3-year starter and it shows. Elite mental processing to pick up twists and late pressure. Rarely fooled by shifting defensive lines or gap exchanges pre and post snap. Consistently executes his assignments and can adjust on the fly with outstanding awareness of how his approach will need to change based on what the defense is doing.

Athleticism/Size – Height and weight (zero bad weight) are ideal for the position, but lacks elite length with sub 33-inch arms. This does not appear to bother him on tape, and he does a good job of maximizing his length and keep defenders off his frame. Elite athlete who is a converted tight end. Should dominate the Combine.

BEST TRAIT – POA/Space Run Blocking

WORST TRAIT – Scheme Diversity


A three-year starter at center after converting from tight end as a redshirt freshman, Bradbury has been an outstanding pivot for N.C. State, dominating as a run blocker while growing into a very consistent pass protector. Truthfully, there is very little to dislike about Bradbury’s tape, as he rarely loses a 1v1 exchange and has a remarkable combination of traits and technique that should make him an early and impactful starter in an NFL zone scheme.

The only thing that may bump Bradbury down the board is that N.C. State is almost exclusively a zone blocking team, which could limit the number of scheme fits for him if NFL teams are concerned he can’t operate as effectively in gap/power offenses. I believe Bradbury can be a dominant center across the board with his traits, smarts and technique, but for zone heavy teams he can become one of the best centers in football. Top 10 player in the 2019 class.