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Name: Andrew Beck




CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 47


HT: 6’4

WT: 260 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

Route-Running – Routes consist most heavily of curls, hitches, quick outs and flares to the flat. Extremely un-dynamic route tree that doesn’t demand a lot out of him. Have seen him dead leg out of his breaks to create separation on outs, getting his head and shoulders around with good timing to find the ball going to the sideline. Largely featured as a blocker or asked to sit in the middle of the field against zone coverage. Occasionally asked to run the seam, but won’t be suited for that role in the NFL.

Ball Skills – If it’s on his frame, he’s alright. Outside of that, I don’t think you’re getting much from him. Was rarely asked to make high degree of difficulty catches, and doesn’t seem to possess the flexibility or catch radius to go outside his frame for tough grabs. Haven’t seen him drop any passes however, and generally seems reliable in the underneath portions of the field. Strong hands.

Speed – My guess is he’ll run in the 4.8s. His game isn’t predicated on speed, but certainly his lack of it will limit his upside and overall impact. He’s a one-speed (slow) threat who is rarely asked to get vertical in Texas’ offense. Slow out of his stance as well, so won’t threaten vertically off the snap.

Run Blocking – Good size and strength to handle work ranging from defensive ends to cornerbacks. When his technique is good, rolls his hips through contact, latches his hands and drives his legs to create movement. Unfortunately, technical lapses cause him to fall off contact too often, often getting overextended and failing to find surface area with his hands. Not aggressive enough in space, gears down and struggled to adjust to defender’s movements, allowing more athletic opponents to evade him and get in on stops.

Contested Catch – I’ve seen almost all of Beck’s 37 career receptions at this point, and none were even slightly contested. His traits don’t really project to being a monster in this area, but I could see him shielding off oncoming defenders with his frame pretty well.

YAC – Not athletic or elusive in space, but will lower a shoulder and fight for extra yards. Big boy who can be tough to get on the ground 1v1. Won’t look to go out of bounds or dip away from extra hits, but doesn’t have home run ability and isn’t a threat in space.

Separation Quickness – The few times I saw him try to separate from man coverage I was actually a little impressed with his ability to sink and accelerate out of his cuts. He’s limited athletically, but being able to vary speeds a bit helps. Regardless, he’s going to be an in-line blocker in the NFL, so the fact that this will never be an area of strength for him isn’t a big deal given how infrequently he’ll see man coverage.

Pass Protection – Surprisingly this was an area of consistent struggle for Beck. On play-action rollouts, failed to seal the EMLOS with key block, allowing pressure on his quarterback far too quickly. Reverse-pancaked by power rushes at least three times. Lack of length hurts him against edge defenders who can use their hands, getting push-pulled around a few times. Does have good enough feet to mirror some speed rushes and spins off the edge.

Competitive Toughness – He’s known as a tough guy at Texas, and that shows on tape. I was expecting him to be more of a dog as a blocker, but he’s certainly physical and the flashes of aggressiveness are enough to check the box in this area. Captain and high football character guy too. Military family.

Athleticism/Size – Big dude, but not super long and carries some bad weight around his midsection. NFL teams will probably work on his body a good bit. If he tests average athletically it will be a win for him.

BEST TRAIT – Run Blocking

WORST TRAIT – Athleticism

RED FLAGS – Broke his foot twice in 2017, once in February, once before the season, causing him to miss the entire campaign.

What you see is what you get with Beck, a solid run blocker who can help a team right away for 10 snaps a game, but will probably never grow into more than that, and will likely still be limited in what he can contribute. His profile projects to being an average underneath receiver at best, but given that almost every tight end can provide that, he’ll have to prove irreplaceable as a blocker, which will start with improving his technique and success rate in pass protection. Beck is draftable, but I wouldn’t expect him to come off the board before the final rounds of the draft.

Route Running –Pretty lethargic getting out of his stance to release onto the second level, isn’t going to challenge a lot of safeties or nickel defenders. Can give LBs a run but generally his production comes from sitting down in holes vs. zone coverage; isn’t a man beater.

Hands – Hands aren’t going to inspire when he has to work away from his chest. Catch radius is further limited by lack of length. Pretty effective to snatch the ball when it’s on the numbers and shows some hand strength to squeeze ball on contact.

Versatility – Pretty vanilla player. Doesn’t have a lot of spring in his step, a lot of bounce in his jumps or a lot of boom in his hands. Routes are straight forward, isn’t shaking loose or generating false steps at the POA with any level of sustainability.

Contested Catch Ability – Nearly never targeted in close quarters. Lacks the extension skills, catch radius and ability to box out on the stem to warrant looks in these situations. Like his frame to absorb contact and can withstand a late arriving blow from defender.

Run After Catch Ability – Has the requisite strength to run through soft tackle challenges in head up situations. Creativity to find a false step and break a tackler are non-existent, but that’s fine…power player through and through and can rumble over a smaller DB.

Power At POA –  Like his ability to really pop and roll back defensive ends at the LOS. Has well developed frame and plenty of muscle mass in the lower half, which he uses to ensure he’s framed his blocks and successful in helping to reset the LOS.

Competitive Toughness – Tough, hard nosed player. Like his effort level in all phases, doesn’t back down against heavier defenders at the POA. Errors as a blocker can cause lost leverage, but it isn’t a matter of functional strength or inadequate foundation.

Flexibility –  Pretty stiff in lateral situations, lacking in high tilt to corner or break with any level of acceleration. Shows good linear mobility through the hips to roll on contact and generate some power. Pad level is effective along the LOS.

Balance –Will allow himself to overextend on occasion, which is frustrating given his ceiling as a blocker. Needs to stay back on his hips and not thrust to extend. Plays within his means as a route runner, meaning he’s pretty pedestrian and won’t try much other than run the route.

Football Intelligence –Think he’s a sharp player, handles protection concepts really well and shows good instinct to find soft spaces. Limitations are more centered around his athletic ability than his flaws in fundamentals.



BEST FILM – Oklahoma State (2018)

WORST FILM – Oklahoma (2018)


Andrew Beck projects as a potential TE2 in the NFL. Beck doesn’t have the athletic skill set to to “the man” in a tight end room but his effective blocking in both pass protection and in the run game will serve an NFL franchise kindly. Beck’s limited receiving upside will temper any demand for his services but Beck has the potential to carve out a notable NFL career as a depth player and a blocker in short yardage and goal to go situations.

PROS: Solid run blocker, and handles defensive backs in space as well. Good hands in open field, shows advanced awareness of sidelines and defenders pre and post catch. YAC ability. Uses his slightly limited athleticism well, eating up space and with field vision. Strong enough to break tackles with frequency. Knack for the big play with deeper, more extended route tree than most tight ends. High upside with the versatility to be moved around the offense and utilized in a variety of ways as a receiver and blocker.

CONS: Easily abused by opposing edge rushers and most linebackers in pass protection. Not strong enough as a blocker for the NFL at this stage of his career. Still new to the tight end position and the rawness shows. Raw route runner at every level. Needs to polish up his game at just about every aspect. Poor hands when contested. Traffic kills most of his effectiveness as a receiver, needs space to operate. At this point, not a significant red zone threat by any means. Extremely limited production despite his potential.