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Name: Lil’Jordan Humphrey



POSITION: Wide Receiver

CLASS: Junior

JERSEY: No. 84


HT: 6’4

WT: 220 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A


Route Running – Nearly all of his reps in the offense came from the slot. He was primarily used in the short and intermediate portions of the field, as well as behind the line of scrimmage in the screen game. In his stems, he likes to jab step and dip his shoulder rather than shed the hands of the defensive back. Solid lateral mover for his size. Will knife through windows over the middle of the field, finding voids and operating beautifully out of structure. Horizontal breaks are his most efficient, and the deep out is his best route as a result. Will lean into the defensive back before breaking towards the sideline. Humphrey struggles to uncover vertically, as his quickness and long speed are serious questions marks. He can be a little unsure in his stems, as he fails to burst off the line of scrimmage and discard contact from defensive backs. Needs to incorporate more hand usage in order to remain less crowded at the breakpoint. Against man coverage he fails to separate on a consistent basis. Lacks experience facing true press man coverage.

Athleticism / Speed – I think Humphrey’s explosiveness is fine, but I expect him to test as a below-average athlete. I have questions about his second gear, and it shows when he’s unable to separate vertically. For his size, his quickness is passable. His jumps will likely be his best athletic traits at the combine, as he’s shown the ability to rise towards the catchpoint off of multiple platforms.

Hands / Ball Skills – Inconsistent hands, and his hand placement can be awkward at times. This is seemingly due to a tracking issue, as he will attempt to catch the ball against his body despite the ball placement being at his chest. Drops can arise because he’s not plucking the ball out of the air. When put in position where full extension is necessary, he’s shown the ability to pull the ball in.

Body Control – When tasked with high-point catches, his body control is impressive. However, he’s not consistently positioning his body where he can fully extend to the catch point. Adjustments to the ball are inconsistent at best.

Ball Carrier – Humphrey’s best trait is his ability with the ball in his hands. He can effortlessly glide past tacklers, and fight through soft contact with balance. Rarely does the first defensive back bring him down, as the strength in his lower half allows him to chew up yards after contact. Rapidly transitions from receiver to ball carrier and gets vertical in an instant. His role in the Longhorns offenses afforded him a lot of opportunities in space, which he proved to be a strength.

Stalk Blocking – Too often, Humphrey will sit back on his heels and catch blocks. This leads to him getting blown completely back and giving space to the defender. He can struggle maintaining blocks or driving them, but he is stronger when he’s able to recoil. His stalk blocking is better when he’s working in towards the defensive formation rather than squaring defensive backs or working in space against shiftier defenders.

Versatility – Humphrey operated almost exclusively out of the slot, and reps along the boundary will be a complete projection for the next level. The fact that he struggles to anticipate and defeat contact doesn’t bode well for his game on the outside. His body type is a unique one for the slot, and an NFL team will need a plan to utilize him. He returned kicks this past season at Texas, but didn’t find top much success in that area.

BEST TRAIT – Contact Balance / Ball Carrier

WORST TRAIT – Quickness


Humphrey has the standout trait as a ball carrier, but he currently lacks supporting traits. If an NFL team projects him as a complimentary receiver and uses him as much as possible in the screen and underneath game, he will be a contributor. His lack of top-end speed on film limits his ceiling, as well as his lack of experience facing press coverage or contested catch points. Humphrey left Texas early after mulling the decision over, but I see him as an early-to-mid Day 3 selection.

-Brad Kelly