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NAME: Tyree Jackson

SCHOOL: Buffalo


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Junior



HT: 6-7

WT: 245 lbs

D.O.B.: 11/07/1997


  • Crabbs
  • cbcut

    Arm AccuracyIrregular results trying to slot balls into tight spaces, has mechanical issues that misalign his landmarks, particularly when he’s rushes. Throws a pretty deep ball but tendencies to shot-put the throw will lead to overthrows. Erratic.

    Decision Making – Needs to take the blinders off vs. underneath zone defenders, will get caught throwing into squatters on in-breaking routes. Confident reading deep safety play on vertical concepts to pick the right target. Can get frozen by zone rotation after the snap and hold the ball.

    Progressions – Will use the full field of play, although his pace and urgency working through things is in need of quickening. At best in isolated read vs. a deep safety or against a linebacker in RPO/play action. Would like to see more usage of the check downs.

    Anticipation – Is more of a visual passer, he prefers to see uncovered receivers and as a result he’s late throwing a lot of outs, corners, curls, etc. Needs to be more comfortable and confident throwing to a specific spot and allow his receivers to adjust.

    Poise – Willing to stand in against oncoming pressure if he knows his read is open. Patience and trust in his iOL to handle stunts and blitzes is fleeting and once he’s on the move he’s often forced to throw the ball away. Doesn’t take a lot of bad sacks.

    Arm Strength – Has the natural arm strength to launch from any area and get the ball to a target. Generates a lot of velocity on intermediates and will push a ball to slide between overlapping zones. Ball has plenty of juice and helps mask for a late trigger finger.

    Pocket Awareness – Does well to slide within the pocket and break pursuit of first arriving tackler. Can see ghosts and flip himself out of the pocket, breaking down a play for no reason. Escape plan is often ambitious and will carry him into pressure at the next level.

    Mechanics – Appears to muscle through a lot of footballs, doesn’t use full force of his body and frame. Issues are present with alignment as well, which cause balls to spray away from the target. Doesn’t show a ton of awareness to reset himself once he’s flushed.

    Footwork – Big, long strides that allow for effortless depth on his drops. Effective slides laterally to allow himself to remain untouched while surveying down the field. Does well when he’s flushed to get down-hill and work into the LOS for momentum on his passes.

    Mobility – Big, powerful runner. Has enough mobility to break down an aggressive tackle challenge and has had plenty of success running the football vs. pressure or on designs. Will be effective short area sneak player thanks to size and strength.

    BEST TRAIT – Arm Strength

    WORST TRAIT – Decision Making

    BEST FILM – Temple (2018)

    WORST FILM – Army (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson presents some fascinating tools that make him a desirable developmental passer. Jackson has a big time arm, some two-way athleticism and prototypical size to play in the NFL. That said, Jackson’s mechanics often cause high variance in his accuracy and he’s not polished with his decision making, he requires notable coaching and nurturing before he’s asked to start.