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NAME: Mike Weber

SCHOOL: Ohio State


POSITION: Running back

CLASS: RS Junior

JERSEY: No. 25


HT: 5-9

WT: 215

D.O.B.: 8/25/1997

Vision – Like his feel for pressing into the LOS between the tackles and picking his cut lane. Is quick to identify positive yardage and turn his pads up the field in an effort to gain ground. Will find himself extra real estate on the second level and fade his runs away from pursuit.

Feet/Change of Direction – Step efficiency in the backfield is high, doesn’t waste a lot of movement in an effort to stay collected coming out of the mesh. Lacks burst and spring, particularly in lateral situations when having to drive and vacate his area to redirect out of a gap.

Durability –Suffered from hamstring and arm injuries in 2017 after an impressive breakout freshman year. Was bumped from the starting line-up ever since, which has kept his carries limited. Contact balance will be useful in leaning on defenders late in games.

Balance –Takes on contact well, whether it is from a head up tackler or someone trying to cut him down at the thighs in the open field. Bounces off of contact and feet show natural ability to reset and sustain his forward momentum.

Pass Protection –Pass reps were best regulated to a receiving role, although he’s stocky in stature he doesn’t possess a lot of anchor for a role in the pocket. His modest lateral mobility will handcuff his efforts to pick up free runners off the second level and get leverage on the block.

Elusiveness – Can give you a little bit of everything: can get under your pads, slip a wrap attempt below the waist, hit you with a free arm, etc. That said, his YAC wins also typically come with poor efforts by the defender in question, isn’t going to consistently create himself yards without help.

Receiving Ability – Caught looks on a lot of swings and check downs in noted games, his QB was quick to float him a ball vs. pressure. Showed good adjustments and body control to get his hands on the ball and see it in cleanly. Is a “take what is available” runner, won’t create a lot of yards.

Short Yardage Skill – Stocky build is useful, can uproot a tackler in head up situations. Can get too cute in this situations as well, want to see him more assertive in head up tackles to put his pads down and run through a guy. Does well to spin or contort off of contact to fall forward.

Football Intelligence – Savvy, slippery runner who sets up blocks well at the point of attack. Quick to identify vacancies in the defensive front or when he needs to get his head around vs. pressure as a pass outlet. Has that “do it all” vibe, even without signature skills or a trump card to his game.

Effort – High motor player who has been the consummate teammate after emergence of another back as the lead option in 2017. Effort never waned, never let on dissatisfaction with his role. Doesn’t shy away from contact or duck out of bounds prematurely.

BEST TRAIT – Balance


BEST FILM – Oregon State (2018)



Mike Weber projects as a rotational back at the NFL level. Weber’s controlled patience makes sense in an inside zone. Weber’s contact balance can allow him to garner a share of touches, but his limitations in physical explosiveness make him a modest play in the long run. Weber’s role is likely one of a spot starter, but he’s got the football IQ to maximize his tools and be a worthy piece of a backfield. Should not be considered for full-time RB status, however.