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Name: Daniel Wise

SCHOOL: Kansas


POSITION: Interior defensive line

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 96


HT: 6’3

WT: 290 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

Hand Technique/LengthHas some effective shedding techniques and shows effective extension skills to press and open up his chest. Punch placement needs improvement to give him leverage against angled blocks, can get turned a bit too easy and get walled off without recovery.

Competitive Toughness – Can get uprooted a little too easily if his hands don’t land at first contact, will get turned and bubbled out of his anchor set. His second effort and hustle plays off the back side are impressive. Scrapes hard down hill. Powerful bull rushes.

Two Gap Ability – Doesn’t have the lower half, functional anchor to play on the inside and eat up gaps. Gets his pads pushed up too easily and won’t have the anchor to hold ground and prevent double teams from climbing up to the second level as a true Nose.

Gap Penetration Skills – First step quickness helps, but leverage issues and consistency in staying low can be prevalent on film. Uses hands well to rip through contact and ensure he isn’t overly impacted by wash down blocks or lateral contact in the gap.

Tackling – Long arms are effective and impactful in the backfield. Does well to crash into the body of RBs and quarterbacks with force, can be a powerful finisher when he’s afforded space to scrape and build momentum along the LOS. Love his ability to rip down ball carriers with force.

Flexibility – Has more tilt than you’d think in the phone booth but shouldn’t be considered a “bendy” athlete. Struggles in the lower half to get his feet out from under his hips and play with control and/or speed. More present and effective in upper half to reduce surface area.

Pass Rush Counters – Quick rush counters shined bright at the Shrine showcase. In game action can be guilty of letting his feet stop on contact and losing his push into gaps. Has hit effective rip move to pop hands free off his chest and tilt/lean through creases up front.

First Step Quickness – Has some pretty solid get-off at the snap but hasn’t always had time to shine due to frequency of usage at DE and 5T. Does have spring and takes good distance on his first step to get hip to hip on obvious passing situations and as a slant/crash defender.

Feet/Change Of Direction – Doesn’t have a lot of natural foot quickness when he’s tasked with sliding laterally along the LOS or looking to bend back into the play. Initial drive through his stance is hit or miss and he isn’t consistent in his efforts to push through, negating his penetration consistency.

Versatility – Was used in much more diverse role than he should have been: was tasked with playing all up and down the LOS. Needs to be primed in a 3T role and encouraged to burst through gaps and get to the mesh point.

BEST TRAIT – Gap Penetration

WORST TRAIT – Two Gap Ability

BEST FILM – West Virginia (2018)

WORST FILM – Oklahoma State (2018)


Daniel Wise projects favorably as a 3T at the NFL level. Wise has only modest bent and change of direction skills but when given the opportunity to shoot gaps he can provide a strong presence in the opposing backfield. Wise will need to overhaul some of his habits after locking horns with OL at the POA but if he’s able to improve in those noted areas, there’s some upside to potentially play as a starter in a physical defensive front with high snaps.

PROS: Solid get off out of his stance at the snap. Displayed above average bend, especially for his size. Flashed good hand usage, with multiple crafty ways to keep blockers at bay. Fires out low and with hands, plays the run with good leverage. Strong, sturdy lower body allows him hold his ground at the line of scrimmage against the run. Assists in the pass rush.

Cons: Struggles with using power moves, may need to improve his strength in his already nearly maxed out frame. Tends to get grabbed on to by offensive lineman and lacks the necessary counters to disengage. Will end up getting thrown off-balance and occasionally finished as a result, Sometimes struggles to get over pulls. Will need to improve his run defense for the next level.