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NAME: Chuma Edoga




CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 70


HT: 6’4

WT: 295 lbs

D.O.B.: 5/25/97

Pass Sets – Really like his kick step until he’s tasked with playing with a body leaning on him. Light, quick feet allow for a nice buzz off of the LOS initially. Fully capable of hitting his landmarks on 45 degree or vertical pass sets.

Length/Extension – Has awesome natural length, vines for arms and a great natural wingspan. His range to ride out defenders is a plus quality, too. Has a gracious strike zone and shows comfort in throwing his hands early to try to negate forward push.

Balance – Pretty effective in space. Feet move at the same rate as his mind, so he’s not out over the top of his toes or lunging at blocks. Functional strength is problematic and a huge barrier as soon as he’s contacted and tasked with playing upright on his hips.

Hand Technique – Hands have some natural explosion to them, but his strike placement is a work in progress. Can throw punches too high and as a result fail to stun forward progress. Comfortable utilizing one or two hand stabs, based on alignment of his defender.

Power at POA – When he’s playing forward or washing down, he’s going to overwhelm with his quickness and hands. Very sudden to chop the feet on you and create a crease. Will not do well, however, against explosive hands in head up situations.

Football IQ – Has shown patience at the LOS to turn turn and chase the first body to flash across his face, trusts his teammates to fulfill their role in pass pro. Can be late to react to the snap in sparing instances. Needs technical development from the waist up.

Functional Athleticism – Pretty dynamic in efforts to release forward at the snap, will quickly eat up a down block or redirect onto a filling LB with ease. Capable of taking defenders for a ride on the second level thanks to foot speed and hip mobility.

Anchor Ability – Soft. Gives up far too much ground once a defender lands a blow on his chest. Lacks power through the core and lower half. Will get bubbled back on outside zone concepts and hook blocks, compromising his back’s path to the corner.

Flexibility – Hips are free ranging and show little issue with hinging, opening to the boundary or coiling through contact. Will need to really focus on sinking through power rushes if he’s to improve his ability to reset against power.

Competitive Toughness – Functional play strength is an issue, as his success at the point of attack frequently stems from his athleticism and not necessarily his overall power. Effort level is good, however, particularly against second effort pass rushes to peel back into the pocket.

BEST TRAIT – Functional Length

WORST TRAIT – Anchor Ability

BEST FILM – Texas (2018)

WORST FILM – Stanford (2018)


Chuma Edoga has some likable qualities, specifically as it relates to his mobility, foot speed and quickness onto the second level. But Edoga’s build is light and he possesses a poor anchor, explosive EDGE defenders will collapse his pass sets fairly easily at the NFL level. As a result, Edoga needs to be considered a developmental player until he’s able to add more functional strength to his game. But in doing so he must sustain his foot speed and linear explosiveness.

PROS: Explosive mover who is well-equipped to play in space. Particularly covers impressive ground on wide zone concepts and pulls, though pulls are rare. Kick-slide covers significant ground. Is particularly fleet-footed in pass sets, impressing in mirror drill instances in which opposing rushers have a two-way go. Is long and understands how to maximize length to steer rushers around the EDGE track. Punch can arrive with fire and he has the strength to bench press with leverage from either one or two hands, but often resorts to using hands to screen, not to displace. Stays active late into pass rush reps; has great recovery athleticism.

Takes decent angles on zone climbs and generates rolling power from hips to displace linebackers, making contact with impressive frequency. Very active blocker who takes on all responsibilities, even secondary backside blocks, with gusto.

CONS: Herky-jerky in his kick-slide and guilty of playing wildly out of control. Throws punches early and can be caught leaning; especially susceptible to inside spin move. Throws weight off his post foot and doesn’t keep his base tethered to the ground, restricting ability to frame rushers/punch on any given moment. Will false step out of two-point stance, but not consistently in one direction or against one alignment; it’s just all messy right now. Improved post foot discipline a must. Could improve ability to locate hands, often landing high. Currently a little light for NFL standards (sub-300 lbs).