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Name: Kyler Murray

SCHOOL: Oklahoma


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Junior



HT: 5’10

WT: 190 lbs

D.O.B.: 08/07/1997

Arm AccuracyIllustrates more general accuracy vs. pinpoint precision. Capable of making ample lay-up throws and has plenty of flashes to drive ball into tight window. That said, leaves too many back-shoulder throws inside or forces steep adjustments from receivers at the catch point.

Decision MakingWould like to see him more willing to keep his eyes up on arrival of pressure, often drops eyes and will miss uncovered targets by deciding to run. Has had lapses in post-snap processing, although lack of experience as a starter suggests these errors can be ironed out.

ProgressionsBiggest area of inconsistency. Fully capable, moves eyes across the set and can work right to left or high to low. Too often predetermines his target, however. Guilty of staring down the barrel. Misses a lot of intermediate routes into the MOF, struggles to see over OL.

AnticipationThrows with most confidence to two areas: vertically between the numbers and on out-breaking patterns to the sideline. Good timing in these areas, otherwise prefers to see the throw uncovered. Spot throws into zone are inconsistent in placement/convenience to catch.

PoiseHas made some big time plays in key game situations (WVU, Texas 2018). Composure under pressure is effective to force a missed rusher. If he’s flushed up the pocket, he’s running. Willing to wait out a target when rolling away from pressure. Comfortable in the chaos.

Arm StrengthCompact delivery really generates a lot of torque, baseball background is evident and effective to create velocity. Easy thrower, capable of pushing the ball vertically, even when his base remains unset. Ball explodes off his hand and arrives with great pace and trajectory.

Pocket AwarenessOnly time these reps are negative are when he gets greedy. Slides within the pocket naturally and is comfortable throwing off balance. Shows awareness of his throwing lanes and does well to alter his arm slot to work around pressure as best he can.

MechanicsSudden delivery allows him to shoot the ball out quickly under duress. Mobility can betray him at times, as variance in accuracy expands as he throws on the move outside the pocket. Will work in vast degrees of release point as needed but still generates velocity.

FootworkCrisp, quick feet. Gets out of the snap smooth and is most effective sliding laterally within the pocket. Needs to have more intent to snap feet back to a balanced base, many of his accuracy lapses seem to come from casual lower half when he’s forced off his spot.

MobilityElite quality. Has explosive first step to break contain. Tears apart man coverage down the field with his speed and open field ability. OU ran him in speed option and zone read concepts as well with much success, will break contain on designed QB runs.

BEST TRAIT – Playmaking Ability

WORST TRAIT – Progressions (MOF specifically)

BEST FILM – Iowa State (2018)


RED FLAGS – Size/Durability Concerns

Kyler Murray is a fascinating NFL Draft prospect. His size presents limitations to consistently see intermediate breaks in the MOF and will pose an injury concern in the NFL. Murray has speed, escapability, a powerful throwing arm and enough general accuracy to allow gifted catch point receivers to adjust and ensure the catch. Murray is not a one size fits all prospect but in an offensive utilizing RPO/spread concepts, he can be an explosive weapon and effective starting QB.

PROS: True playmaker. Can make almost any short/intermediate throw in and out of the pocket. Top-end short accuracy. Great athlete and he has an understanding of when to use it. Always a threat to make a big play with his legs. Consistent footwork leads to solid accuracy across the board. Above average touch, usually seen on his intermediate passes. Safe with the ball in his hands. Can balance making the big play on the run and keeping the ball off the ground.

Cons: Exceedingly small for his position, height and frame issues. Low arm angle and long throwing motion limits the throws he can make and results in batted balls at the line of scrimmage. Needs time in pocket to increase velocity. Fails to progress through all of his reads on a consistent basis. Can be too aggressive to leave the pocket at times. Doesn’t possess consistent deep accuracy, especially out of structure. Tendency to hesitate when pressured. Almost always reverts to safest read, even if it leaves yards on the field. Signed to play professional baseball.