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NAME: Ryquell Armstead

SCHOOL: Temple


POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Senior



HT: 5’11

WT: 215 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

Vision –Effective on inside zone, has a good feel for peeling out the backside and accelerating past scraping LBs. Open field vision is modest, has made some poor decisions running into pursuit in the secondary. Effective runs come most frequently in zone concepts vs. gap/power.

Feet/Change of Direction –One cut runner who can explode out of his press into the LOS. All subsequent jukes and cuts are shallow angled but effective. He isn’t going to dance his way out of the phone booth but he’s got terrific foot drive and quickness to adjust on the fly.

Durability –Love the aggression that he runs with. Is going to lean heavy on defenders later into games and is relentless is effort to push the pile. Suffered an undisclosed injury to close his college career but missed only 3 games in 4 seasons.

Balance –Contact balance is strong. Lacks the dynamic range of motion to collect himself once he’s upended but if knocked laterally or too high? He’s capable of running right through that contact thanks to aggressive mentality in challenging tacklers.

Pass Protection –Not a blocker in any capacity. Plays his protection role with too much passive play. Doesn’t step out to steepen angles and doesn’t attack blockers with his hands, simply looking to elbow or re-route. Anchor isn’t effective and has been pushed back into his QB’s lap.

Elusiveness –High steps allow for running through the trash around his feet. Has spring when deciding to stick his foot in the ground and break north. Effective with free arm, knows how to create that little extra space to squeeze out of an open field challenge.

Receiving Ability –Non-factor in the passing game. Has been flexed into the slot in an effort to occupy but hardly targeted. Reps there consist strictly of running seam up the hash. Limited role out of the backfield as well, not a priority receiver.

Short Yardage Skill –Terrific effort when he knows he needs the conversion to slam into bodies and stay low. Leg drive and thick frame aid efforts to churn forward and knows how to twist, roll and peel himself off bodies as a means of falling forward.

Football Intelligence –Would like to see some added patience with blockers in front of him to allow things to develop. Has gotten too far in front or into the backs of blockers on too many occasions and cut himself off from bigger gains. Notable development required on 3rd down roles.

Effort –Effort as a runner is admirable. Has been effective getting out in front of boundary runs via jet sweep or wildcat to occupy defenders and look to cut block in space. Needs to be re-worked in his aggression in protections.


WORST TRAIT – Pass Protection

BEST FILM – Boston College (2018)

WORST FILM – Villanova (2018)


Ryquell Armstead has intriguing skills as a potential inside zone rusher in the NFL. Armstead knows when it is time to bury his pads into the pile and has the functional strength and leg drive to get tough yards. Armstead also possesses the springy cuts needed to confidently burst into the second level, especially between the tackles. Armstead can be part of a rotation of backs but his lack of pass pro and receiving chops will hinder his value as a potential bell cow.

Vision/Patience – 

Burst – 

Contact Balance – 

Receiving – 

C.O.D./Agility – 

Speed – 

Competitive Toughness – 

Ball Security – Has fumbled six times in 604 career touches. Maybe a minor concern moving forward, but only one fumble in 218 touches this past season.

Pass Protection – 

Athleticism/Size –