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NAME: Michael Deiter

SCHOOL: Wisconsin


POSITION: Offensive Line

CLASS: RS Senior

JERSEY: No. 63


HT: 6-6

WT: 321 lbs

D.O.B.: Not Available

Functional Athleticism –  Ample mobility for a player of his stature. Free mover with his feet, has the effective ability to break down in space and square up a block. Wonderful skills as a puller, can hinge or fold out of stance clean and generate push with good pad level contacting in space.

Football IQ – Experienced starter who has been exposed to playing center, tackle and guard during his time with the team. Has effectively handled role each season, so will bring quality to a team as an insurance policy for depth. Processes twists and stunts well.

Anchor Ability – Sneaky anchor, because mobility would have you assume he’s light in the trunk. Anchor skills are terrific on the interior, has been exposed in the past playing at Tackle and trying to compensate for speed off the edge. Balanced base that yields consistency and quality anchor.

Hand Technique – Sticky hands that latch onto the chest of defenders on the second level. Successfully latches on in lateral/stretch scenarios and shows good discipline to not work outside the numbers and open himself for flags. Comfortable using one arm to minimize length issues.

Balance – Base along the line of scrimmage, as a puller and climbing to the second level are strong. Doesn’t play outside of his means and hips are capable of dropping to gear down and square up a block. Strong functional strength, provided feet are established on the floor.

Pass Sets – Much more comfortable and effective on the inside vs. 2017 season (spent at LT). Lateral mobility is a key strength and when not tasked to take deep vertical pass sets shows balance, control and good cadence with his feet to play with feet anchored to the ground.

Flexibility – Clean hinges to turn and peel back to pick off a shooting defender off his hip. Pulls are smooth, fluid and natural. Plays with leverage not just shooting out of a three point stance but also climbing to the second level. Has needed drop in the anchor to sit down and hold ground.

Power at POA – Second level bully. Mobility and light feet allow for a notable secondary push after first contact and playing through momentum of first strike. Capable of yanking defenders out of gaps with his hands and manipulating the POA in zone concepts to create a lane.

Length/Extension – Does not have a great deal of length, the ultimate barrier preventing a long term shot at playing Tackle. Length issues do show up against speed, as his awareness in lack of length forces him to compensate and compromise base, which can negatively effect balance.

Competitive Toughness – Attractive blend of physicality, mobility and blue collar effort level. Will uproot and plays through the finish, often carrying defenders into the ground and burying them in the running game. Plays with good pop in the hands and necessary functional strength.

BEST TRAIT – Functional Athleticism

WORST TRAIT – Length/Extension

BEST FILM – Nebraska (2018)

WORST FILM – Ohio State (2017)


Michael Deiter is a scheme diverse prospect who will bring a diverse set of tools to whichever NFL franchise drafts him. Deiter has excellent mobility and his play in space allows him to be a lead blocker on boundary plays and screens. Deiter has the needed anchor and mass to hold his ground in one on one situations and has the lateral mobility to be an effective interior pass protector, despite a lack of length to consistently land strikes first against defenders.