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NAME: Elgton Jenkins

SCHOOL: Mississippi State


POSITION: Interior Offensive Lineman

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 74


HT: 6’4

WT: 313 lbs

D.O.B.: 12/26/1995

PROS: Listed size is ideal for the position, if he is in fact that big. Good wide base to anchor against power rushers. Hand placement is ideal, if an opponent works to his edge, gets a hand on the hip and runs the arc with them past the quarterback. Smooth mover with good body control.

Gets to the second level with ease and moves fluidly in space. Strong, leveraged hands in the run game. Works his hips into contact to get a good initial punch off the ball. Technical with his hand usage, finds leverage points to gain early control. Good mental processing to pick up stunts and twists up front.

Rarely blows assignments. Cerebrally, should impress coaches with his ability to recognize pressure and communicate at the pivot spot. Smart, well-spoken, considered the brain of the Mississippi State offensive line. Has played every position except right guard while in college.

CONS: Despite listed size, doesn’t play like he has overwhelming physical or athletic traits. Not explosive out of his stance and doesn’t attack opponents with an aggressiveness that threatens their run fit off the snap. Can struggle to reach quicker players in zone schemes due to slow feet. Not a finisher. Needs to show more aggression and leg drive to latch and stay on defenders, too often doesn’t sustain his blocks.

More aggressive players bring the fight to him, leading to too many 1v1 losses. Flashes of working to obtain optimal positioning and seal defenders off, but not consistent at all. The nastiness and passion coaches desire in their offensive linemen doesn’t seem to be there.

Pass rushers with great traits or a plan of attack can work him 1v1. Struggles to respond quickly to counters, seems a beat slow in his transitions. Lack of length can be an issue against long arms on the inside. Just think the deepest position group in the NFL (interior defensive line) will really challenge his lack of great traits and aggression.

Functional Athleticism –  Has the physical mobility necessary to climb the ladder and challenge defenders on the second level successfully. Has good lateral mobility when stringing out blocks to stay sticky and harass defenders at the point of attack.

Football IQ – Heady player, is aware of action and twists/stunts in his area designed to create mishaps up front. Reliable to be in his assigned spaces consistently. Does well with assisting calls at the line of scrimmage prior to the snap.

Anchor Ability – Catches too many defenders with soft, wide hands and attempts to bow the back and eat up rushes. Natural size aids in efforts but too many reps result in getting collapsed in the pocket back into the lap of his passer.

Hand Technique – Hands are wide and he can be frustrating with the ability to time his punches with his snap. When able to establish a fit, shows good awareness of how to tilt and turn defenders to generate body positioning and wall off a lane.

Balance – Can fail to slide and shuffle the feet when needing to string out plays and allow defenders to work their hips over-top of a leveraged position. Plays with a wide base in anchored pass sets and doesn’t yield extra space laterally.

Pass Sets – Needs to drop his hips and get more activation in the posterior chain if he hopes to anchor effectively against power rushes. Plays too passive at times and will get collapsed despite necessary qualities to hold his ground firm.

Flexibility – Has ample mobility through his hips, able to unlock and hinge cleanly to slide laterally. Mobility doesn’t transfer below the hips, however. Often plays tall through the knees and pad level suffers as a result. Needs to improve coil to generate additional power at contact.

Power at POA – When things click, he has plenty of push. Mobility and wide frame allow for overwhelming defenders at the point of attack, although needs to improve his strike timing to win at first contact as a means of resetting the line of scrimmage.

Length/Extension – Has plenty of anatomical length but is missing functional application. Poor timing and wide punch shorten his strike zone and allow defenders to get into his chest. Needs to increase urgency with stab to get hands on the body.

Competitive Toughness – Not particularly inspiring. A lot of plays seem to come with a modest level of aggression, doesn’t play with a mauler mentality and needs additional focus on winning quickly vs. trying to ride out a play. Room for growth, but attitude/fire/aggression is a missing link right now.

BEST TRAIT – Football IQ

WORST TRAIT – Competitive Toughness

BEST FILM – Georgia (2017)

WORST FILM – Kentucky (2018)


Elgton Jenkins presents as a potential starting Center at the NFL level. Jenkins possesses ample athleticism and size for the position, he carries his weight gracefully and is successful in combo blocks and efforts to climb to the second level. Jenkins’ style of play would be best served in a zone rushing system and quick passing game, as Jenkins’ competitive toughness and anchor will be exposed if tasked with going toe to toe with defenders for extended periods of time.