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NAME:  Jaquan Johnson

SCHOOL:  Miami



CLASS: Senior



HT: 5’11

WT:  190 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

Coverage – Skill set is incomplete in coverage, particularly for a guy that has so much experience. Often slow/late reaching landmarks in zone coverage. Tight hips and modest route anticipation skills limit him in man coverage. Most effective in split zones with smaller areas of responsibility.

Tackling – Plays above his weight class as a tackler. Aggressively attacks the ball carrier and does well to wrap low and bring his feet through contact. Rarely whiffs and puts himself in good position to finish. Will occasionally concede some yardage after contact on account of his size but his contact power and balance is excellent.

Processing – Will get sucked in on play fakes and get stuck in a state of recovery. Must improve awareness on routes to his zone and anticipate route concepts better. Plays forward against the run and quick game very well.

Ball Skills – Doesn’t have the anticipation skills to position himself regularly to compete for the ball. Modest ball production tells the story. Limited length limits his ability to make plays at the catch point. Slow to find the ball in the air. Does well as a tackler to try and separate the football from the ball carrier.

Range – Showcases the ability to take sound angles to the football which accentuates the amount of ground he can cover. Doesn’t have top end long speed and is quicker than fast. Modest processing skills limit his ability to reach landmarks in coverage.

Physicality – Plays like a dog attacking forward with urgency and intent. Always finds his way to the football and pursues relentlessly. Willing to take on blocks from offensive lineman and explode into contact. Plays under control surprisingly well for his how aggressive he is.

Play Speed – Falls short of what is desired for a centerfield and he struggles to remain in-phase when tasked with carrying routes into space in man coverage duties. Processes the run and quick game rapidly and fires downhill.

Flexibility – Has some tightness in his hips that is exposed when tasked with flipping and running. Plays upright in coverage and lacks bend. Feet can get flat-footed and there are false steps in transitions. Can attack creases and contort his frame to get around blocks and find the football.

Versatility – Has limitations in man coverage and single high looks. Not a candidate for box duty unless its as an extra defender. Has upside on sub-packages and special teams but there are concessions that have to be considered when he is on the field defensively.

BEST TRAIT – Physicality

WORST TRAIT – Ball Skills


There is so much to like about the way Johnson plays forward by aggressively attacking the football, playing thought contact and finishing. With that said, his body composition doesn’t mesh well with his best qualities as a football player. While the NFL likes physical and aggressive safeties, it covets those that are sound in coverage and can make game-changing plays on the ball – that’s where Johnson is lacking. His coverage instincts and ball skills are below average, especially for a player with his experience. Johnson should be a special teams standout that offers upside in sub-packages on defense but there is considerable growth needed for him to be viewed as a starter.