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NAME: Greg Little

SCHOOL: Ole Miss


POSITION: Offensive Tackle

CLASS: Junior

JERSEY: No. 74


HT: 6’5

WT: 325 lbs

D.O.B.: 11/4/1997

PROS: Size, length and athleticism are evident early and often on tape. Physical tackle who can get to the second level and seal up linebackers with ease. Movement skills are excellent, frame carries very little bad weight. Fires off the ball with a purpose. Physicality and desire are evident.

Explosive out of his stance (in flashes) and has legit range in his sets if he can develop his footwork further. Can mirror speed rushers up the arc with smooth agility. Good mental processing to pick up stunts and find late blitzers. Careful not to overset, trusts his footwork to be able to match speed.

CONS: Technique has a long way to go. In pass protection, strikes are too wide, opening his chest to bull rushes and forcing him to grab cloth and hold. Gets push-pulled because he leaves himself exposed. Feet and hands are still learning to work in sync together. Needs to get more out of his first step against wider techniques. Posture could be more flat-backed.

Has to drop the pad level a bit off the ball in the run game. Can’t create movement because he negates his power by standing up and not getting his hands inside. Not having chest control cause him to lose reps or fail to win them as dominantly as he should. Rarely in complete control as a blocker. 

Pass Sets – Surprisingly nimble on his deeper pass sets, showing desirable foot speed and cadence to drive off of the LOS and frame his blocks effectively. Covers a notable amount of ground to sustain outside integrity, shows trust in flipping hips late to run defenders past the QB.

Length/Extension –Length is evident and shows good extension, particularly when tested with speed around the edge. Strike timing and placement will require improvement, however. Hands often strike wide and as a result his authority in setting himself early in reps is irregular.

Balance –Often guilty of leaving his feet behind at the point of attack and leaning into his blocks, which will result in him sliding off the body and failing to sustain his frame. Lacks leg drive in drive block situations to stay upright on his hips and keep his balance.

Hand Technique –Strike placement is the biggest looming issue, needs to be more aware of landing on the numbers to stun defenders. Strikes don’t always align with feet, either. Would like to see more punches land with feet tethered to help amplify body power.

Power at POA –Upside and natural strength is there. Polish is not, which adds a lot of variance to his game on a snap by snap basis. Will need to play more within his frame when playing forward or sliding along the LOS, is more of a linear power player.

Football IQ –Has lapses in posturing and alignment of his frame on blocks, which yields inconsistent results at first contact. Has lapses in feet, hands and timing when isolated in space and when stressed with long angles at the LOS to hit a target in space.

Functional Athleticism –Oddly shows best flashes of mobility and athleticism when playing backwards in his pass sets. Is a bit more lumbering and labored when looking to pull or get outside the hashes as a space blocker. Lateral quickness is only modest.

Anchor Ability –Natural frame possesses a lot of weight below the waist, so mass is difficult to collapse. As a result isn’t easily bulled back or collapsed, even by heavy hands and effective strikes, simply too big to give up a lot of real estate vs. raw power.

Flexibility –Has a fair amount of knee bend when engaged in kick slide to quickly move the feet. Pad level is a problem due to tendencies to pop out of his stance, which robs him of hip range of motion and prevents rolling through contact for more transferred force.

Competitive Toughness –Has frustrating reps on film, can be caught walking behind a scrum and can be quick to bail once a defenders shoots across his face. Physical toughness is apparent and is something he probably leans on a little too frequently vs. urgency of live action to win initially.

BEST TRAIT – Length/Extension


BEST FILM – Texas Tech (2018)

WORST FILM – Alabama (2018)


Greg Little projects as a boom or bust prospect at the NFL level. Little shows flashes of natural athleticism, particularly for his size. Furthermore, Little’s deep pass sets are effective with his length and foot quickness. But Little is super raw in his framing of blocks and footwork, he takes false steps and fails to roll through contact to create forward push with consistency in the run game. Little’s effort is also of concern, he will need to be coached/motivated if he’s going to be a starter.