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Name: Dru Samia

SCHOOL: Oklahoma


POSITION: Interior Offensive Lineman

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 75


HT: 6’5

WT: 297 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

Pass Protection – NFL teams may have some issue with his stance at times, but it seems to work for him so well I’m not sure I would mess with it. If power rushes are the way to beat him as a smaller offensive lineman, I haven’t seen it work. Anchors with a strong based and terrific core strength. Able to mirror counters with terrific movement skills and good hand placement. How many quality pass rushers did he face this year? Not many, probably even less 1v1. Pass rushers with quick, violent hands were the only ones who seemed to get around him.

POA Run Blocking – Oklahoma runs a lot of zone or counters/pin-pull concepts, so Samia is not asked to be a true vertical blocker very often. Not a mauler at the point of attack, but savvy with his technique and hand placement to gain ideal position and seal off lanes. Big 12 level of defensive line talent needs to be taken into consideration here.

Functional Strength – Not the biggest or strongest offensive lineman, and there are instances of power players moving him a bit on the interior. Despite his impressive functional strength due to technique and ability to find leverage points, I do worry about what happens against some of the big, long defensive linemen in NFL. Matchup with Raekwon Davis should tell us a lot.

Pass Pro Footwork – Quick setups to establish half-man as needed. Often uncovered, so will have to quickly move laterally to pick up twisters, showing excellent fluidity and balance. Base is strong, almost never on the ground or thrown off his base. Couple times I noticed him stop his feet and get beat by a secondary move, which may be more of an awareness issue than anything else.

Strike Timing/Placement – Attention to detail to find leverage points and displace opponents ever so savvily, without disarming power, is impressive. Under control and times his strikes well in pass protection. Despite lack of size, haven’t seen him overpowered much by opposing bull rushes. Lack of size and length are concerning for landing meaningful strikes against long-levered defenders in NFL. Quick with his hands to counter and swat down his opponent’s punch with a trap move.

Leverage – Plays with excellent knee bend and leveraged hands. Consistently the low man in 1v1 exchanges, allowing him to create movement that his smaller frame otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Digs low on double teams to uproot his opponent, maximizing his traits by attacking leverage points.

Space Blocking – One of the best pulling offensive linemen in the country. Consistently explosive out of his stance and under control when reaching his target. Reacts beautifully to his opponent’s technique, countering with ideal hand placement and body positioning to seal off rush lanes. Good balance and agility to adjust angle on the move. Rare movement skills to chase upfield-bursting edge defenders past the play when pulling. Able to work down to the second level and reach defenders, but can get a little hung up on first level contact, delaying his arrival downfield. An asset in space on the screen game.

Competitive Toughness – No issues here. Not a big-time finisher, but plays with an edge and embraces the physicality of the game. Works hard to create extra movement.

Mental Processing – Active eyes to find late blitzers or pick up twists. Consistently looked for help when uncovered. Adjusted fluidly to his target when on the move as a blocker, especially pulling. Had no issues executing his assignments, even against late shifts of the defensive front.

Athleticism/Size – Elite athlete for an offensive lineman, but his weigh-in will be a concern. If he hits 300 pounds, that’s a huge win, but I’m not sure I see that in the cards for him.

BEST TRAIT – Space Blocking

WORST TRAIT – Size/Length


A four-year starter at Oklahoma who locked down the right tackle spot as a true freshman before moving to guard for his final three seasons, Samia is one of the smallest guards in the class, but his size is rarely an issue on tape. Highly athletic and extremely technical, Samia uses rare explosiveness and the ability to find leverage points to surprise his opponents, maneuvering them out of gaps in the run game with ease.

Of course, the NFL will provide a different level of defensive line talent than he faced in the Big 12, especially as pass rushers. Where Samia was often uncovered at the snap or had to deal primarily with bull rushes or defenders twisting inside off of a game, in the NFL he’ll face more complicated rush plans and superior athletes. How he fares against Alabama in the playoffs and at the Senior Bowl will be huge, but right now Samia looks like a lock to come off the board early in day two.

PROS: Excellent mobility and vision as a puller, brings a pop with excellent hat placement. Plays with a nastiness and looks to finish his blocks and dominate with power as a run blocker and puller. Good, solid initial drive with a strong base and heavy feet. Mobility allows him to work up to second level on combo blocks. Can reach blocker and gains proper amount of depth. Can swing his hips around to keep frame between defender and the hole. Powerful player. Good kick step with awareness, looks for work and has the speed to work onto other blitzers.

CONS: Despite mobility, doesn’t have great lateral quickness and can be a half-step behind defensive lineman who have a quick first-step. Questionable zone blocker and doesn’t necessarily drive defenders when he can’t attack them squarely. Can occasionally get swung around off-balance because of his inability to move laterally and attack squarely.