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NAME: Sean Bunting

SCHOOL: Central Michigan



CLASS: Junior



HT: 6’1

WT: 181 lbs

D.O.B.: Not Available

Man Cover Skills –Overaggressive at the line of scrimmage in press coverage, hands play loose and can be guilty of grabbing in pivot to turn and run. Loose hips and quick feet, fully capable of improving transitions. Needs to feel the hip of receivers to gear down and stay sticky on breaks.

Zone Cover Skills –Heady player when able to play with eyes in the backfield. Can improve opportunities to overlap coverage and anticipate changes to sink on deeper routes and undercut the ball. Anticipation to key on arm of passer is terrific, especially in bail technique.

Feet/Change of Direction – Loose hips and quick feet. Has ample upside and physical ability but is too sloppy his footwork. Needs to work on cutting down extra steps to increase his mobility and effectiveness in mirroring receivers both at the line of scrimmage and as a leveraged defender.

Ball Skills Can be late to identify the football in turn and run situations but otherwise has excellent influence of the football. Long arms. Great sense of high pointing the football. Quick reaction times allow for a late flash of the hands and batting at the ball.

Flexibility –Free moving defender who has ability to hinge and flip hips with suddenness. Turn and run skills are supplemented as a result, as are ball skills when needing to play with vertical speed and flip his hands and eyes back to find the football.

Acceleration –Has a fair level of recovery burst and possesses the deep speed to play on an island. Does show some burst from flat footed reads but predominant strength is in long speed and acceleration as compared to short area explosiveness. 

Zone Spacing –Effective deep third range to stay leveraged over top of routes. Long arms enhance area of influence and enable for aggressive address of the football when undercutting throws. Carries in breaking patterns when isolated in a deep third if not held by another receiver.

Competitive Toughness Disappointing streaks of poor effort, will be too complacent to spectate against inside runs instead of pressing to get down and ensure a gap seal. Will get punched in the mouth at the line of scrimmage by physical receivers. Shows combative hand fighting down the field.

Run Support –Can be hesitant in reps left unoccupied. Gets stuck on blocks by receivers and needs to be more assertive to shuck blocks and get prepared to step up onto the edge. Physical tackler when able to step into his challenges.

Tackling –Inconsistent but when quick to make his decision to step down and fill will offer some pop. Can be hasty with tackle challenges as a chase defender and doesn’t bring the same pop when tackling laterally vs. in head up situations.

BEST TRAIT – Zone Cover Skills

WORST TRAIT – Run Support

BEST FILM – Akron (2018)

WORST FILM – Kentucky (2018)


Sean Bunting projects as a high ceiling prospect, but one who will require a fair amount of development to reach his ceiling as a prospect. Bunting has great physical gifts and the needed length to be a terror from the hip, but he can be too loose at the LOS and can be late to find the football in turn and run coverage. Bunting is currently best in bail technique, so a Cover-3 system would get the most out of Bunting in the immediate future. Potential long term starter at CB.