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NAME: N’Keal Harry

SCHOOL: Arizona State



CLASS: Junior



HT: 6’3

WT: 216 lbs

D.O.B.: 12/17/97

Route Running – Physical route runner who possesses a wonderful blend of athletic abilities to beat defenders to all levels. Shows arm over technique and effective short area quickness to defeat press coverage and play through contact and separate down the field.

Hands –Hand strength is terrific, will squeeze the football in traffic and pull in contested targets with consistency. Has the extension and catch radius to win in contested situations and possesses an impressive catch rate against tight coverage.

Contested Catch Ability –Is a tight coverage ace, will out-wrestle defenders for the football with size, strength and length. Times jumps well to ensure he’s reaching the football at optimal extension. Has the size to box out defenders on fades or back shoulder throws.

Run After Catch Ability RAC monster courtesy of size and speed. Effective in using free arm to create additional space and maximize RAC opportunities. Contact balance vs. arm tackles is superb, runs through soft challenges and creates a lot of extra yards on his own after the catch.

Football IQ –Sideline and backline awareness is excellent. Has made the most of tight quarters receptions with length and foot placement. Willing to sell false breaks to defenders and establish a false step before breaking into open space against off coverage.

Vertical Receiving –Has enough long speed to get over the top of turn and run defenders. Is a handful if given a free release and also offers a challenge in press coverage thanks to effective release vs. press coverage. Shows great ball skills to read the football over his shoulder.

Change of Direction Skills –Flashes tremendous short area quickness for a player of his size, shows suddenness in short area to stop on a dime and break pursuit angles before getting back up the field. Fluid in short spaces to play with suddenness and establish separation.

Speed –Moves much better than one would expect from a player of this stature. Startling acceleration out of the catch point. Has enough speed to pull away from defenders in the open and will stack press coverage effectively.

Competitive Toughness –Plays hard. Admirable effort after the catch to stonewall tacklers and press up the field. Transitions into a blocker with effectiveness, plays ready with the hands to punch and establish a hand fit on defensive backs.

Blocking Ability –Frame is overwhelming for boundary corners to work around and challenge the ball. Has the length and punch to win control of defensive backs in the secondary. Moves feet well to mirror and slide against defenders to frame blocks.


WORST TRAIT – Change of Direction Skills

BEST FILM – Oregon (2017)

WORST FILM – Washington (2018)


N’Keal Harry projects favorably as a prototypical X-receiver in the NFL. Harry’s size, contested catch ability and skills defeating press coverage combine to offer an impressive package of traits, especially when considering the versatility Harry brings to an offense as a RAC receiver, deep threat and as a red-zone target. Harry may require some time to further develop but he has dominant traits.

PROS: Unbelievable downfield threat. Jump ball ability already at elite levels. Attacks ball at its highest point regularly and has strong hands away from his frame; catch radius is large. Has a fantastic understanding of leverage and timing, regularly breaking on the ball at the last second and keeping his frame between catch point and defender to minimize opportunity for PBU. Maintenance of leverage from break point to ball’s arrival particular impresses: will gear down long before ball arrives to ensure leverage is maintained. Tracks very well and can pluck high-velocity throws at silly angles. Contact arriving with the ball and at the catch point does little to disrupt excellent levels of concentration and body control.

An absolute bear to tackle after the catch with grown man strength. Very bursty athlete who can eat up 5-10 yard splits in a hurry, which presents a problem for corners attempting to maintain downfield leverage. Long strider down the field. Understands spacing well as a route runner and uses deep threat to his advantage on intermediate breaks. Will aim for leveraged hip and generate throwing windows accordingly. Can snap in and out of his break with good body control. When hands get involved in release moves/clearing contact, they’re swift and powerful. Has good physicality as a blocker but could learn to sustain better. Usage as a wildcat runner with ASU has developed good RAC vision and instincts.

CONS: Uninspired in release moves. Infrequently recruits hands to keep his chest plate clean, leading to unnecessary hiccups in his route stem. Will take wide angles to avoid contact of squatting CB, relying on burst to win the angle, and thereby get worked off the red line when taking downfield paths, closing the throwing window. Relies too heavily on hesitation/slow play releases when, in reality, he’s not overly quick and struggles to generate instant separation. On short-breaking routes, does not use his hands within the contact window to generate separation; will fail to work entire body into break, thereby not presenting full target to the quarterback. Guilty of trapping balls against his chest when working across the middle. Also guilty of running routes at 80%, though read structure of offense could have influence here.