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Name: Will Grier

SCHOOL: West Virginia


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Senior



HT: 6’1

WT: 214 lbs

D.O.B.: 4/3/1995


Arm AccuracyShowcases strong touch and placement skills, although skills are highly reliant on throwing platform and throwing mechanics. Natural arm talent only modest, which is compounded by his free lancing style of play.

Decision MakingMakes terrific decisions when processing action before the snap and able to disperse the football in rhythm. Extended plays lead to too much high-variance in end result, including taking poor sacks, throwing into coverage and trying to do too much and risking ball security.

ProgressionsLife is made easier working in a wide open spread system and making a lot of primary reads elementary to make. Can be too slow to work eyes away from half field reads, often gives the impression that decisions are made prior to the snap.

AnticipationHas little issue with pulling the trigger before receivers have worked out of their breaks. Has ability to toss deep throws to spot areas prior to receivers banging off of their route stem. Effective spot thrower in the short areas of the field to set up RAC.

PoiseFeast or famine vs. pressure. Will typically hold the ball and look to sidestep rushers before getting north into the LOS and looking to throw. Fully capable of making great things happen under pressure but will also generate some glaring minus plays with style of play.

Arm StrengthHas struggled to drive the ball down the field, particularly once he’s forced off of his throwing platform. Opportunities to stand in tall or release a throw from a set base can generate ample power, zip and velocity.

Pocket AwarenessFeel for the first arriving rusher is effective, allowing him to step or slide as needed and force a missed pressure. Secondary rushers have a tendency to force retreating from the line of scrimmage, giving ground and looking to spin away from pressure. Mixed results.

MechanicsPossesses an unorthodox delivery, although motion does not compromise tosses on balanced trigger pulls. Three quarters arm slot paired with sub-prototypical size poses a challenge for throwing over-top of defenders at the LOS.

FootworkPrimarily a shotgun passer, is accustomed to a short drop before setting up on platform. Shows good dynamics in the lower half to try and generate maximum push on the football. Will turtle against interior pressure, however and balance to throw the ball will crumble.

MobilityJust shifty enough to break contain and get out of the pocket if given a crease. Would love to see less reps turning back to his receivers against pressure. Light on his feet within the pocket and can redirect quickly before rolling and setting up to throw.

BEST TRAIT – Anticipation

WORST TRAIT – Mechanics

BEST FILM – Baylor (2018)

WORST FILM – Oklahoma State (2017)


QB Will Grier is an exciting passer, but one lacking in some key areas that will restrict his effectiveness without remodeling his game. Grier has great flashes of spot accuracy, down field aggressiveness and extending of the play, but he’s too wild. Grier is at his best when his initial key is available, minimizing his time holding the ball. A quick passing offense would mitigate some of his issues within the pocket and allow him to dial in on his rhythm as a passer. 

PROS: Seamless technique in his drops. Smooth operator. Has the ability to read the defense and deliver the ball with a quick release. Possesses the necessary arm strength and generates enough torque to fit the ball through intermediate windows and holes in the defense. Can throw with touch to all areas of the field. Accurate in the short and intermediate ares of the field. Aware of leverage and can hit back shoulder throws. Thrives driving the ball up the seam. Mobile in the pocket and has the athleticism to move out of structure. Off-platform throws or on the run throws are still accurate. Can offer an additional dynamic with his above average athleticism and mobility. Passionate leader.

Cons: Doesn’t quite have an NFL build, and could stand to add some thickness. On the shorter side for QB’s, and isn’t full of strength. Accuracy can come and go on deep balls. Plays in an offense that affords him the opportunity to make a lot of throws against man coverage, and hasn’t really shown the ability to manipulate zone coverages. Though he’s able to make throws while off base, sometimes he puts himself in that situation by floating away from cleaner pockets.