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NAME: Emanuel Hall

SCHOOL: Missouri


POSITION: Wide Receiver

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 84


HT: 6’2

WT: 200 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

Separation Quickness – Explosive mover who can alter his course in the blink of an eye. Capable of pressing vertically and then snapping off his route underneath to create separation. Feet are explosive into his breaks and possesses the extra gear to separate late in the rep. Burst is evident off the line of scrimmage and at the top of his routes.

Ball Skills – Has shown the ability to make tough adjustments on back shoulder throws. Hands are inconsistent and will drop/double-catch some passes, which is a concern. Drop rate is down significantly this season however, and will high-point the football and finish away from his frame. Competes for the ball and is not passive at the catch point.

Speed/Burst – Easy speed and acceleration off the line of scrimmage and into his patterns. Demolishes cushions with long strides. Can threaten with speed off the snap and down the field with the ball in the air, flashing a second gear to detach and finish vertically. Has made a living running away from corners in the SEC, but also means he has to test really well in 40 to maximize his best trait.

Route-Running – All the tools are there, but this is definitely an area of Hall’s game that can still improve. Can stand to do a better job of working the corner’s blind spot when he opens them up with his speed. Has improved this season at stepping on corner’s toes and exploding into his break. Limited in his route tree in Missouri’s old Air Raid offense, ran vast majority of his routes on a linear plane. As a vertical route runner, understands how to stack corners and uses his hands expertly to ward off contact and create space.

Contested Catch – This is not where Hall has made his living in college, but he does have an impressive vertical and has flashed the ability to win through contact. As a whole, not a situation his suspect hands and lithe frame project to thrive in, and he’ll allow defensive backs to work through his frame on underneath routes at times. Still, his length, athleticism and fluid adjustments to the ball down the field will allow him to be competent enough in this role to survive in the NFL.

YAC – Not given a ton of manufactured touches to make an impact after the catch in Missouri’s offense until this season, but has shown excellent elusiveness in limited opportunities to make the first man miss and pick up extra yards. Not going to break many tackles or be super dynamic in the open field, but will put his shoulder down and maximize every touch.

Releases – One of the best aspects of Hall’s game. Varies his releases, featuring stutter, stretch and swim releases to manipulate defensive backs at the line of scrimmage and stack them quickly on vertical routes. Lightning quick feet with little wasted movement or steps. Forces defenders to open prematurely which allows for early separation. Excellent hand usage and typically fights through the jams of even bigger corners, although fair to wonder if his slight frame will hold up as easily against NFL press coverage.

Blocking – Not featured as a blocker very often. Mostly charged with running off corners on the outside on rushing plays. Shows good effort and physicality when he does block. Frame isn’t particularly imposing when projecting him to a blocking role in the NFL.

Competitive Toughness – Mental makeup has been praised often. Plays tough and physical at all times, showing good effort and competitive fire. No concerns evident in this area on tape.

Athleticism/Size – Should test at an all-around extremely high level. Athleticism is a major strength, as is his length, but may need to pack on some muscle for the NFL. Listed at 200, may be closer to a slender 195.



RED FLAGS – Has had some nagging injuries over the course of his career – shoulder, hamstring, groin – but nothing serious enough to raise major concerns.

In a draft class with a ton of towering wide receivers that need to prove their speed and athleticism at the Combine, Hall will simply be checking a box we all expect him to. His burst, speed and second gear with the ball in the air give him a clear trump card as a vertical threat immediately in the NFL, especially due to his ability to beat press coverage off the line of scrimmage. Hall isn’t super well-rounded yet, and contested catches and a fully dynamic route tree may never be his calling cards, but he has the ability to be more than just a one-trick pony in the NFL too. If he can keep the drops under control, Hall could be an important day two pick for a team in need of a big play threat.