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NAME: Amani Oruwariye

SCHOOL: Penn State


POSITION: Cornerback

CLASS: RS Senior

JERSEY: No. 21


HT: 6-1

WT: 204 lbs

D.O.B.: 2/9/1996

Feet – Illustrates balanced, patient and fluid footwork although they aren’t the most springy. Plays under control and rarely commits false steps. Mostly transitions and changes directions cleanly. Showcases exceptional balance which stems from his foundation. 

Man Coverage – Offers tremendous size, strength and length to matchup with bigger, more physical targets. Does well to be disruptive in the contact window to ruin the timing of routes. Willing to be aggressive and crowd the receiver’s frame and challenge them throughout the route. Naturally reads and mirrors patterns while rarely guessing.

Tackling – Is a capable tackler but shows moments of timidity while making some business decisions. Contact power is only average and he will concede yards after contact. Tackling form is inconsistent and more should be expected for a player of his stature.  Drops his head and nips at ankles too much. 

IQ/Awareness – Does an excellent job of trusting his technique and landmarks in coverage. Superb zone coverage corner that sharply reads the backfield and works into throwing lanes. Spacing is generally sound. Anticipates route breaks and combinations at a high level. Does well to find the football and knows when to come off his man to play the ball. Very intelligent and a technique-driven player. 

Physicality – Plays up to his stature in coverage. Does well to be aggressive and crowd the receiver while making it difficult for his opponents to get leverage on him at the catch point. Uses his length to stack and shed blocks. Will disappoint on occasion as a tackler where modest hitting power becomes evident. Has redirect power in his hands to challenge at the release in press coverage. 

Ball Skills – Excels at finding the football and positioning himself to make plays on the ball both playing forward and over this shoulder. Knows how to play through the hands of the receiver and aggressively competes at the catch point. Processing, length and quickness are assets to him and are used effectively when playing the ball. 

Press Technique – Area of strength. Does well to remain balanced while using his length and play strength to be disruptive in the contact window. Stays square and crowds the receivers frame very effectively. Has excellent strength in his hands to stun and redirect his man at the release. Is able to extend and create a strong initial jolt.

Flexibility – Fluidity is good relative to his size. Occasionally loses leverage in his back pedal and reveals some tightness in transitions but it’s rarely limiting. Carries good speed through his turns and illustrates outstanding body control. 

Versatility – Scheme-versatile player that excels in zone and press coverage. More than capable in man coverage against bigger receivers. Modest run defender and his game would go to the next level if he became more assertive as a tackler. 

BEST TRAIT – Awareness

WORST TRAIT – Tackling


Oruwariye’s size, length, strength and ball skills make him an ideal fit as an outside zone/press corner. Complementing his impressive stature is a trust for his technique and outstanding processing skills.  Oruwariye has the traits needed to matchup with “X” receivers in man coverage, making him a scheme-versatile defender. Oruwariye has the upside to start early in his career on the boundary and emerge as a productive playmaker with his ability to make game-changing plays on the football. 

PROS: Has sublime body control for a player of his stature, repeatedly making extreme adjustments of his body from awkward positions to make a play on the football. Showcases an explosive bucket step when over-top of targeted receivers, closing distance with suddenness and rapidly taking away a rushing lane or throwing window. Oruwariye possesses excellent length, impressive wing span compliments frame and leaping ability for high point contests of the ball. Physical when stepping down towards the line of scrimmage to offer strong challenges on the ball carrier or receiver after the catch. Is difficult to block when in run support thanks to short area quickness, functional strength and size. Is most effective in tight alignment, where his backpedal can shine and allow him to stay in close quarters to receivers on route stems before driving to mirror the break.

CONS: Enters final season as a 35-game participant, yet no starting experience; has been weaned into more prominent role which will culminate with first season as a starter during RS Senior year in 2018. Feet, while balanced and controlled in backpedal, are not most naturally quick. Can improve ability to square up the ball by taking a more deliberate and preemptive pathway to the ball when pursing from a distance.