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NAME: Myles Gaskin

SCHOOL: Washington



CLASS: Senior



HT: 5’9

WT: 191 lbs

D.O.B.: 2/15/97

Feet – Operates from a balanced base. Smooth, balanced and compact footwork that enables him quickly plant and cut. Doesn’t get overly wide with his cuts but does well to set up his moves and execute with timing. Has the ability to stop-start with minimal throttle down. Always keeps feet moving through contact. Has adequate spring in his steps but isn’t the homerun hitter desired for his size and profile. 

Vision – Sees the field cleanly with superb spatial awareness. Is thinking two steps ahead of his current location. Decisive runner that never bites off more than he can chew. Has good vision to and in the hole. Sets up tacklers extremely well by anticipating pursuit. Crafty to find and create his own space because he sees the field so well. Is both decisive and patient as he needs to be. 

Pass Protection – Competitive in pass protection but this is where his size limitations show up most. Does well to diagnose pressure and position himself to block but doesn’t have the anchor to truly absorb speed to power conversion. Will be limited in this area at the next level. 

Receiving – Would have expected more utilization in the area in college but his production as a receiver is underwhelming. Has flashed the ability to win out of the backfield and out of the slot. Hands are ok but does have trouble in contested situations. Showcases the ability to to snap his hips through turns and run smooth routes although a fairly limited route tree has been performed in college. 

Balance – Outstanding balance for his size and sustains his momentum well through contact. Does extremely well to wiggle through contact. Isn’t easily impacted by arm tackles and cautious tackle attempts. Runs with low pads and forward lean. Obvious low center of gravity. 

Elusiveness – Is a smaller back but isn’t necessarily overly dynamic in terms of agility and shiftiness. Is more crafty, aware, decisive and nuanced in how he wins. Has plenty of jukes to win in space but he isn’t solely a jitterbug. Multifaceted runner with good but not elite elusive ability. 

Power – Won’t be confused as a power back and is likely to play at sub-200 pounds but his play strength and balance is admirable for his frame. Has good strength in the lower half to keep his surge going through contact. Doesn’t get exposed due to his lack of size and his exceptional spatial awareness plays heavily into his success. 

Competitive Toughness – Ultra competitive runner. Keeps his legs churning to grind out tough yards. Lack of size limits his ability in short yardage but he is craft to find space. Is never timid from contact and wisely understands his limitations. 

Versatility – Multifaceted back that can win in a variety of ways. Can work inside and outside the tackles effectively. Unlikely to be an effective short yardage back or high level contributor in pass protection. Has every down ability given his receiving skill set but still needs polish. Very limited experience as a kick returner and none as a punt returner. 


WORST TRAIT – Mileage on Tires


Despite his smaller frame, Gaskin has been a highly productive back for the Huskies across four seasons and is the school’s all-time leading rusher and touchdown scorer. While he’s proven capable of being the lead-back in college, his role in the NFL comes as a rotational player. Gaskin is a nuanced runner that combines his outstanding field vision with decisive running, elusive ability and contact balance to find production. He is a multifaceted back that should be able to factor into the mix early in his career. By year three, Gaskin is capable of being a regular and valuable contributor to the offense. 

PROS: Small, agile runner with high step frequency. Body control is very impressive, especially in tight spaces and when manipulating second level defenders into/out of holes–his best trait. Has excellent change of direction ability and particularly impressive deceleration. Lower body motion divorced from upper body motion, leading to slasher/slalom style runs. Low center of gravity and foresight of contact lead to excellent contact balance–rarely, if ever, brought down on first contact.

Works angles and blocker leverage very well, as well as flexible frame, to maximize creases; has a knack for keeping momentum north even with frame twisted by contact. More instinctive than precise, but has some moments of deliberate processing that really impressive, especially in regards to second level defenders. Patient style of running minimizes examples of burst, but explosiveness is there, especially when turning corners on outside runs. Natural hands catcher. Active in pass protection and willing to strike with natural leverage.

CONS: Only able to pack decent power into relatively thin frame. Could use increased bulk. Occasionally becomes too finicky with first-level reads, looking to create too much and neglecting the first crease despite positive yardage to gain. Too quick to cut back on zone flow, especially outside zone. Can get too far ahead mentally and run himself into mistakes. Open field speed isn’t excellent; he isn’t the breakaway runner he could be. Must improve timing on linear burst to open-stride running in order to become a better homerun hitter.

– Benjamin Solak