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NAME: Nick Brossette



POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Senior



HT: 6’0

WT: 218 lbs

D.O.B.: 3/2/1996

Vision/Patience – Not overly decisive as a runner, will hesitate searching for the crease. Typically finds it, but backfield penetration can be detrimental to his optimal process. Very patient and shows good vision as a zone runner, although his style is more suited for vertical concepts. As he approaches a congest line of scrimmage, will drop his eyes and revert to bulldozer mode too early.

Burst – Not an explosive runner. Very little burst to get through tight creases. Doesn’t have the acceleration to win the edge and bounce runs outside. The longer he moves laterally as a runner, the less chance of success. Not fast enough to run outside zone in the NFL.

Contact Balance – Good contact balance to run through contact around his thighs. Isn’t tripped up easily by ankle tackles like some bigger runners. Tough runner, but not violent or overpowering. Keeps his legs churning and uses the stiff arm liberally. Almost always falls forward, dropping his pads at the point of contact.

Receiving – Soft hands and a reliable underneath receiver, just not particularly talented after the catch. Won’t make a lot of defenders miss in space, and doesn’t offer ideal athletic tools to be a space option in a team’s passing attack. Nothing about his skill set says “get him the ball in a receiving role”, but if called upon he is capable of contributing in that fashion.

C.O.D./Agility – Not a sudden athlete in space and won’t make defenders miss in an elusive fashion very often. Doesn’t have the explosive feet to get away from closing tacklers. Can’t create much outside of structure and is at his best when he’s given a little runway to get going.

Speed – Looks like a 4.7 guy on tape. Takes awhile to get going and won’t run away from many defenders. If you’re looking for a home run threat, keep moving.

Competitive Toughness – Tough as nails. Coaches will love the mental makeup to stick it out and wait his turn behind Leonard Fournette and Derrius Guice rather than trying to transfer. Physical in all facets of the game and even lead blocks on certain concepts.

Ball Security – 3 career fumbles in 215 career touches, average of one fumble every 72 touches. Not great, but also maybe not a big enough sample size to draw strong conclusions.

Pass Protection – Sudden and violent cut blocks in pass protection. When asked to square up and deliver a blow in protection, the results are mixed. Needs to sink his hips and deliver the first blow more emphatically.

Athleticism/Size – Size and overall frame are tremendous for the position. As an athlete, he’s pretty limited and is unlikely to really impress through the pre-draft workout circuit.

BEST TRAIT – Contact Balance

WORST TRAIT – Speed/Burst


Nick Brossette is a one-speed, power back best suited for gap/power concepts in the run game, but capable of inside zone if called upon. He’s not going to be an ideal feature back at the next level but Brossette is capable of manning a no. 2 or 3 spot for a team. Brossette is balanced enough as a player to provide a capable option on all three downs, but nothing about his skill set will be considered special or irreplaceable. He looks like a day three pick that will need to shine on special teams to ensure his spot on the depth chart.

PROS: True team-first guy who was highly recruited out of high school and had to wait his turn behind the likes of Leonard Fournette and Derrius Guice. A physical running who will attack the middle of the trenches. Pairs balance with physicality well. Has the frame and strength to shoulder big carry loads. His years of being a backup running back have made him a patient one, as he often waits for plays to develop more than he’ll force openings. This gives him good vision for a variety of different blocking concepts. Possesses the straight line speed to take some runs to the house, if blocked well. Understands angles with running lanes and leverage with blocking.

CONS: Not the best athlete in the world. Though Brossette can take some carries for big yards, he doesn’t have that rare extra gear that will make him a first-round running back. He’s agile due to his balance and his lower body power, but he’s not a quick-twitch player. Lack of experience has helped his vision, but no matter how you spin it, being green to game action will be talked about with overall collegiate production. A strong senior year as the starter could wipe most of that away.