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Now that All-22 film is beginning to become available for the 2019 NFL Draft class, I’m introducing my weekly video series: The Cut Up.

While pulling GIFs and typing out descriptions more than does the job, having the opportunity to sit down and run through film with a telestrator and a clicker allows viewers to gain a deeper insight into the play in question. For example: Oregon QB Justin Herbert’s mechanic flaws are a lot easier to suss out when slow motion and rewind capabilities are available.

Herbert is the subject of this week’s Cut Up: I got into his film against Washington and walked away with a bad taste in my mouth. Herbert missed a handful of throws in this game: some due to puzzling post-snap decisions, and some due to mechanical issues that limited his velocity and his accuracy. Touted as the top quarterback in this Draft, I don’t think I’d take Justin Herbert before any of the top four quarterbacks from last year’s class.

To learn more about Herbert’s throwing mechanics and understand why I’m so wary about his pro translation, you can check out the latest episode of The Cut Up above.