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NAME: Terronne Prescod

SCHOOL: North Carolina State


POSITION: Interior Offensive Line

CLASS: RS Senior

JERSEY: No. 70


HT: 6’5

WT: 338 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

PROS: Has the power to move people against their will and put them on their back. Uproots defensive lineman out of their gap and creates space in the run game. Very intentional about body positioning and taking advantage of blocking angles. Blends technique and power well. Stout anchor against bull rushers in pass pro, rarely compromising the depth of the pocket. Easily absorbs power and redirects. Does well to keep pass rushers at the end of his reach with a well-timed punch in pass pro. Fits his hands extremely well, rarely gets wide and illustrates impressive grip strength to steer and sustain blocks. Operates from a consistently firm, wide base. Effective as a vertical blocker and takes good angles to the second level. Timing is generally on point. Has scheme versatility to operate in man and zone blocking schemes.

CONS: Carries some bad weight in his midsection and thighs that robs him of mobility. Is guilty of overextending and getting too much weight over his toes. Is generally balanced but will fold at the waste and take away from his body control. Can win in space but his range is somewhat limited. Can show more awareness and find production when uncovered in pass pro. Lateral mobility is lacking.

-Joe Marino