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Name: Antoine Wesley

SCHOOL: Texas Tech


POSITION: Wide Receiver

CLASS: Junior



HT: 6’5

WT: 200 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

PROS: Long, athletic frame that poses matchup problems for smaller defensive backs. Has seamless body control at the catchpoint, with the ability to position his body at optimal angles. Length makes it difficult for defensive backs to play the ball. Adjusts to passes with ease. Solid leaper who can rise at nearly every angle from different platforms. Incredible concentration on the ball. Downfield threat with impressive knee drive as a runner. Offers post-catch ability with shiftiness and hip mobility not normally seen in taller receivers.

Impressive hip drop and change of direction for his size. Generally fluid in all types of cuts for his length. Can win on double moves and attack space in the low redzone. Flashes use of head and eye deception to get defensive backs biting. Strong hands as a receiver who has shown one handed catch ability. Finishes through contact. Well balanced, can fight through arm tackles or contact in his routes.

Willing blocker who uses his long arms to latch on to defenders. Nearly impossible for smaller defensive backs to shed. Closes space down in his stalk blocking approach and collapses on defensive backs. High energy, confident player. Has the frame to be dominant against press coverage.

CONS: A bit wiry in his upper body limits his overall strength. Though he has excellent body control, his ball skills can come and go in flashes. More consistency with arm extension will lead to dominance at the catchpoint. Not necessarily high pointing passes at all times. Due to length, not the quickest lateral mover who may be pigeon-holed into a role as a result. Yet to develop an array of hand usage and counters at the line of scrimmage. More of build up speed than elite acceleration. Still developing as consistent route runner who can be slightly inefficient at times, though this is more of a rarity.

Limited amount of playing time early in collegiate career. Not much production against top-end college defenses. NFL teams will question if his production is a benefit from college offense and surrounding personnel. Remains to be seen if he is truly a dynamic athlete in comparison to NFL receivers. Will likely need to continue adding some bulk to fill out his frame.

-Brad Kelly