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NAME: Dwayne Haskins

SCHOOL: Ohio State

POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: Redshirt Sophomore



HT: 6-2

WT: 214 lbs

D.O.B.: 5/3/1997

PROS: Is a natural thrower, generating velocity effortlessly when needing to push the ball with pace. Confident working in the pocket, stands tall and does well to really drive throws to desired target. Ball consistently arrives with pop to the hands of his receivers. Sees the field well from the pocket and when forced off his spot, showing a very strong understanding of spacing and where his receivers are supposed to be. Can throw with accuracy to all three levels, setting up receivers favorably for run after catch opportunities. Mobility within the pocket is effective, is capable of sliding in the pocket and adjusting to avoid a rusher. Haskins threads the needle and throws with accuracy, especially between the numbers; beating tight man coverage and placing the ball where only his receiver can catch it.

CONS: Dwayne Haskins isn’t asked to take a ton of shots down the field, given spread passing offense and nature of skill players around him. Has had some inconsistencies when working the ball down the field with placement, typically granted reprieve with ball adjustments from receivers. Is still fairly untested, in first season starting and will continue to be tested by top shelf defenses in the coming months. Translation out of OSU offense will be a point of contention until Haskins is able to get on the white board with coaches/personnel. That said, Haskins currently does show an impressive mastery of his role and offense despite lack of experience.

– Kyle Crabbs