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NAME: Alexander Mattison

SCHOOL: Boise State



CLASS: Junior

JERSEY: No. 22


HT: 5’11

WT: 214 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

PROS: Rumbling runner with nice thickness in the thighs to keep piles churning. Picks his way through the first level nicely and regularly picks the best route to take on zone flow — gets north in a hurry and has the instincts to make initial penetration miss. Keeps his hips into contact to fall forward. Has a knack for staying skinny when sifting through the trash of the first level; does very well to reduce his stride length to stay under control and make small adjustments into contact.

Willing to lower pads into linebackers and safeties and regularly breaks the initial contact, especially when he comes in with velocity. Has good instincts to feel oncoming contact and drop his shoulder/throw a solid stiff-arm. Some burst available when attacking space through the interior, but struggles to explode when turning the corner. Active as a pass-protector.

CONS: Lacks impressive NFL athletic ability. Struggles to maintain velocity when changing direction and does not illustrate much short-area agility. Without a clear runway, struggles to create from the backfield given inability to get from one gap to another. Lack of elusive traits also show up in space — struggles to make players miss; must break tackles to gain dirty yardage, which may prove more difficult against NFL size. Slow in the third-level and does not look like an explosive play runner.

Does not recruit powerful lower half in pass protection and gives up unnecessary ground. Looks to deliver a shot instead of maintaining and engaging. Does not have significant pass-catching experience and does not project well to impact play at that role given lack of athletic ability. Profiles as a committee change-of-pace back at the NFL level.

– Benjamin Solak