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NAME: Carl Granderson

SCHOOL: Wyoming



CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 91


HT: 6’4

WT: 255 lbs

D.O.B.: 12/18/?

PROS: Long rusher with a good NFL frame. Shows the ability to reduce surface area and duck underneath punches; can continue up the arc with decent tilt to threaten the set point, though true bend through the lower half seems lacking. Able to throw inside spin counter and does well to read QB set points to adjust accordingly. Excels when slicing into the B-gap as a run defender and when twisting inside on T-E stunts as a pass-rusher — interior presence currently the best aspect of his game. Will occasionally throw a quick inside move as a pass-rusher with good success. Hands can be strong swiping or push-pulling when they arrive on time. Can get skinny between gaps to present in the backfield, especially when slanting off the snap.

CONS: Athleticism widely disappoints. Lacks explosiveness off the snap to be a true threat to corner and does not have the agility to drop in space as a coverage player at 255 pounds. Is immediately upright out of his stance and can get easily broadsided by down blocks accordingly. Has very little, if any, power to his frame (especially in the lower half) — gets blown off the ball. Lack of discipline and over-aggressive penetrator mindset only exacerbate the issue: will try to get into gaps he never could, and loses leverage terribly, giving up big running plays.

Is currently uncomfortable playing within OT’s cylinder as a pass-rusher, which greatly limits his ability to generate pressure/sacks. Tries to bend corner without taking the edge track tight to the frame, and is subsequently pushed beyond the peek of the pocket. Gives up his back too often to punches as he attempts to clear his shoulders. Generates no notable hand usage or rush moves beyond inside spin, which is only a decent move to this point. Lacks a great motor.

– Benjamin Solak