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NAME: Renell Wren

SCHOOL: Arizona State



CLASS: RS Senior

JERSEY: No. 95


HT: 6’4

WT: 295 lbs

D.O.B.: 9/7/96

PROS: Powerful athlete who has the profile of a disruptive force. Has excellent strength in his upper body and his hands to shock offensive linemen back; when his hands are over his eyes, can really fold his opponent back. Has excellent explosiveness off the ball to immediately hassle guards and especially centers. Excels when aligned in a gap and slanting into an offensive lineman — has full body power to generate rolling displacement and walks interior linemen back into QB’s lap.

Bend and hip fluidity show up when exchanging power in trenches — can uncoil hips to add juice to power profile. Fluidity also appears when handling double teams, down blocks, or working back into gaps: can take on torsion strength from opponents and explode back across face. So much strength in the hips, glutes, and core. Has some good burst to close on tackles near the line of scrimmage; seems to have a big tackle radius.

CONS: Upright frame pops up at the snap instinctively, which surrenders a big chest plate target to shorter and squattier offensive linemen. Does not yet understand how to draw out/combat hands of opponent — greatest weakness is currently willingness to get locked up and inability to disengage with hand usage. Will play out of control, surrendering back to line of scrimmage when attempting to work laterally. Has only average lateral quickness; foot speed disappoints.

Unwillingness to maximize length, on top of pedestrian hand usage, greatly limits his ability to generate rush angles. Will take on and maintain opponents with bent elbows, thus putting his chest inside of opponent’s cylinder and getting himself into unnecessary tie-ups. Does not have great diagnostic/awareness abilities as it stands — can get reached and down-blocked because he’s late to feel and sense the oncoming block. Thinner, taller frame struggles to take on double teams, though natural lower body strength does save him in some of these situations.

– Benjamin Solak