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NAME: Martez Ivey

SCHOOL: Florida


POSITION: Offensive Tackle

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 73


HT: 6’5

WT: 315 lbs

D.O.B.: 7/25/1995

PROS: Physical tools are all elite. Explosive out of his stance and can really move as a puller. Hits reach blocks quickly, capable of getting his head and shoulders playside right out of his stance. Gets down to the second level quickly to seal off backside defenders.

CONS: Super stiff in the hips and struggles to mirror laterally. Feet are just not functional right now. Looks quick in space, but constantly harassed by speed inside. Plays super high and gives up a ton of his frame to opponents. Push-pulls and power rushes frequently give him issues.

Constantly rag-dolled to the side by opponents. Slow puncher in pass protection and gets his hands clubbed down easily. Allows rushers to work to his edge and doesn’t have the recovery quickness to run them past the pocket. Don’t think he has the range in his set points to project to tackle, but he’s overwhelmed by power and technique inside.

Lethargic in his movements and mis-times strikes often. Hands just aren’t impactful and doesn’t showcase the power, pad level or temperament to really take control of 1v1 exchanges in the trenches. Frequently misses targets on the move. Can’t sustain reach blocks due to limited agility and poor technique. Super high in his stance and lower body flexibility issues seem significant enough that he can barely get his hand in the dirt in a 3-point.

-Jon Ledyard