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NAME: D’Andre Walker

SCHOOL: Georgia


POSITION: Edge Defender

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 15


HT: 6’2

WT: 240 lbs

D.O.B.: 1/23/1997

PROS: Build and length are exceptional. Muscle distribution looks like he was made in a factory. Physical demeanor. Flashes a long arm to stay loose from contact and keep inside rush options available. Reads tackle’s set and takes what is given. Not bendy, but can dip the shoulder and tilt the edge with good ankle flexibility.

Hustles and plays hard in pursuit. Production for a part-time player was eye-popping, especially considering how often Georgia had him going on and off the field. Was never able to establish much rhythm as a rusher, making 2018 an important year for his tape.

CONS: Ants in his pants pre-snap. Cannot get settled into his stance and is often unbalanced or unprepared for the snap. Get-off is consistently poor as a result. Needs to do a better job of settling into a 2-point stance and timing his jump off the ball. Too frequently no plan of attack as a rusher. Can get pushed up the arc with no attempt at a counter move.

Needs to work his hands when cornering, doesn’t make his angle better by knocking down his opponent’s hands. Overall athletic ability is in question, doesn’t show much explosiveness up the arc or in space. Plays a bit too high in the run game and can get walked out of his gap at times.

Hustled or walked into a lot of his production last year (13.5 TFL, 5.5 sacks). Would love to see him develop a go-to move that is consistently sustainable to win 1v1.

-Jon Ledyard